Home Sleep Testing Flyer

Includes the following information:

  • Benefits of Home Sleep Testing

  • Potential Drawbacks of Home Sleep Testing

  • Why the Alaska Sleep Clinic's Home Testing option
    is the right choice for your lifestyle

Home Sleep Testing Flyer

Alaska Sleep Clinic's Exclusive
SleepN Program

Includes the following information:

  • What our exclusive SleepN program can offer you

  • Compliance Program to help you meet your insurance requirements

  • How and why its a free of charge program for you.

  Download SleepN Program Info 


Women and Sleep Information Flyer

Includes the following information:

  • How women suffer from sleep apnea

  • How sleep apnea can affect your child bearing years

  • How sleep apnea affects pregnancy

  • How sleep apnea affects women who are pre/post menopausal

Women and Sleep Flyer


Men and Sleep Information Flyer

Includes the following information:

  • How men suffer from sleep apnea

  • How sleep apnea affects diabetes

  • How sleep apnea affects blood pressure

  • How sleep apnea affects testosterone levels

Men and Sleep Flyer





                             More Provider Fact Sheets:       It is important for all medical providers to be aware of the signs and symptoms of common sleep disorders. These Provider Fact Sheets were developed by sleep medicine professionals to equip primary care providers and colleagues in other specialties with key information regarding some of the most common sleep disorders:  obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), insomnia, narcolepsy and restless legs syndrome (RLS). Each fact sheet includes the following sections:  Quick Facts, Why It Matters, What You Can Do, Referring Guidelines, and Patient Information Websites.


Provider Facts on REM Sleep Disorders


Provider Facts on Shift Work         Facts About Insomnia

                   Provider Facts on Restless Leg Syndrome


Provider Facts on Narcolepsy                       Provider Facts on Obesity


Provider Facts on Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia 


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