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As a company that prides itself on giving our clients the best care possible, we love getting feedback and sharing it with future prospective clients who are eager to learn about the high quality services and care that we provide. Here you can read about our clients' personal experiences with sleep disorders, and how our staff at The Alaska Sleep Clinic aided them in getting the treatment they needed.  
As much as we love telling you about our services, sometimes it's best to hear from those that may have been suffering from some of the same problems you may be experiencing, and find out what you can expect from a visit with us. 

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I spent Thursday night at your clinic in Soldotna.  I am hopeful that the Doctors will be able to find out my 'lack of sleep' problem.  I do not believe I have Sleep Apnea, just stress where I can not turn my brain off to get required rest / sleep.  I found the staff very knowledgeable on my trip there and the night Technician was friendly, kind and helpful during my overnight stay. I have NO bad remarks or review with the Clinic. Thank you!  ~ Barbara Marie from Kenai 
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 Aging is a pain in the you-know-what. On top of that, you can’t sleep. I went to see my primary care doctor; and he thought I should have a sleep study to see what might be going on, referring me to Alaska Sleep Clinic. I went in 6 days later and did an overnight study. It was strange with all the wires and such but in the end, it was worth it. Apparently I do have some sleep apnea issues.  On another positive note, my insurance covered almost all of it besides my deductible.   ~ Barbara from Wasilla~  Alaska Sleep Clinic Patient
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The staff at Alaska Sleep Clinic provided excellent service to me.  I had my initial sleep study done here and continued with them when my doctor recommended that I start using a CPAP machine.  They explained all the different devices on the market and assisted me in picking out the proper machine and mask based on my pressure settings.  Alaska Sleep Clinic also worked directly with my health insurance company and assisted with any billing issues.  I have been using the Fairbanks office now for 2 ½ years to obtain supplies, maintenance and new masks when required.  The staff at this office continues to be extremely courteous and provides me with lots of information on any new masks / supplies that have recently come on the market.  They are easily accessible and take the time to answer any and all questions that I may have.  I would highly recommend this facility to anyone thinking about or currently using a CPAP machine.  ~ Jim from Fairbanks
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The reason I fell asleep on the edge of the bed was because at 350lbs I couldn’t breathe. I tried using wedges, and propping up on pillows. I would wait until my husband fell asleep because of my snoring was so bad. My son, who was two bedrooms down, would come in and ask me to stop because he couldn’t sleep. I had stopped traveling for work due to the costs associated with having to book my own room. Now that I am on cpap I have been traveling again and I can share a hotel room with my coworkers and can work through the day as stated before. After I began using  Cpap people were coming up to me and asking what I was doing different. I was told I looked 10 years younger. I am sleeping better and it is amazing how much better I feel. ~ Melanie from Anchorage
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I love my CPAP machine. I've had it for over a month and have lost 12 lbs. now.  I use to sleep 12 hours/night and NEVER feel rested. Now, I sleep eight hours of the most restful sleep ever.  Even my blood pressure is down from 149/98 to 111/50 in just a month. No more allergy issues. No more raccoon eyes. No more fatigue and energy to do the things I want.  I recommend a sleep study to all my friends and family that are suffering from the same things.  Best of all, my snoring is no longer a topic of conversation!  BEST DECISION EVER!!~ Lesley from Wasilla
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I just wanted to compliment you on a great website. I have just completed my sleep study and am waiting for results from the doctor. Your site is very informative and offers tons of information about sleep apnea, as well as equipment choices with pros and cons. Sorry I am on the other "coast" but wish there were medical providers here in CT that are comparable to you. There might be, but I haven't found any by searching the web. Thank you again.~ Mike W. ~ Alaska Sleep Website Visitor



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