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11 Ways Sleep Can Make You More Productive on the Job

Posted by Jane Hurst on Feb 13, 2019 11:15:00 AM

You are getting ready for a big meeting at work. You are expected to give a key presentation. Because this is an important meeting you might bring your work home and work into the late hours to complete your presentation.


The next day you feel groggy and less productive. Your presentation goes okay but it could have been better. While you might think working is more important than sleeping, it is not. Here are eleven ways sleep can make you more productive on the job.

  1. You will feel better – After a good night’s sleep you will feel more awake and ready to go first thing in the morning. You will not be dragging out of the house and half asleep during your commute. You will be awake and ready to face what the day brings.
  2. Decisions – When you are feeling sluggish you are not on top of your game. The decisions you make will not be thought through carefully. When you get a good night’s sleep you are able to make better decisions and focus on the important points of what you need to decide. When you make better decisions you will improve your work and home life. You will go to sleep earlier and get the rest you need.
  3. Energy – You will feel energetic all day. Getting rest helps your body recuperate from a long day and makes it ready for the next day. You will not be dragging when you get out of work. This will help you feel more active and get you ready for a productive night. You can go out with friends or spend the night in working until a reasonable hour. Go home and get a soothing bath before your bedtime so you can relax and float right to sleep.
  4. Proactive – You will become more proactive with a good night’s sleep. When someone lacks sleep they tend to put off things until the last minute. With sleep you will be more productive and proactive. You will be more inclined to stick to your scheduled activities and not fall into a rut. Being proactive will actually add time to your day. You will be able to work on your speech during work hours instead of taking your work home. This will create a good work-life balance that will make you happier. Another proactive thing you can do is to create a schedule for your time after work. If you stick to and maintain your schedule it will help you fall asleep faster at night.
  5. Fewer mistakes – By improving your attention to detail you will make fewer mistakes at work. With fewer mistakes you will spend less time correcting your mistakes and more time being productive and mistake free. Mistakes cost companies’ time and money. The fewer mistakes you make the more your boss will appreciate the competent work you do. The more rested you are the fewer mistakes you will make. Do not be on a computer or your cell phone in your bedroom at night. This will cause your brain to go into overdrive and prevent you from having a good night’s sleep.
  6. Creativity – With a good night’s sleep you will be more creative in your problem solving and your work all around. Your brain will be fired up and ready to go first thing in the morning and help you think more creatively. Creative thinking requires a good night’s sleep. Otherwise your brain is sluggish and you feel like you are running on auto pilot. Be sure to get to sleep around the same time each night so your brain gets the rest it needs for the next day.
  7. Accuracy – With a good night’s sleep you will be more accurate at work. You will not accidently skip over any instructions or forget an important meeting. You will be more attuned to what needs to be done. An expert from Velvet Jobs says: “Your employer will appreciate your attention to detail and it may help you in the long run. Attention to detail is one of the soft skills employers are looking for in their employees. Being strong with details will get your boss’s attention in a good way.”
  8. Focus – Getting the sleep your body needs will help you focus more. You will be alert and able to concentrate on what you are working on. You will be less inclined to distractions that will lead to low productivity and more inclined to focus on what needs to be done. When you focus on your work and your life you will soon realize the benefits of being healthy by eating well, exercising, and getting a good night’s sleep.
  9. Better mood – People who get a good night’s sleep are more inclined to be in a better mood the next morning. You feel rested and ready to start the day. Your morning mood determines your mood at work and your mood at work determines how productive and outgoing you are. The happier you are the more chance you will be productive and lift your coworker’s moods. A happy office is a productive office. Your happiness will also last throughout the day and into your home life. So start the morning jumping out of bed determined to have the best day you can.
  10. Memory – Getting a good night’s sleep will improve your memory and the ability to retain information. If you are sluggish and punchy in the morning you will forget basic things and make your day harder. Sleep will help you remember all the important things you need to do during your day. You will also remember things you are researching and reading. Before you go to sleep at night think about what you want to accomplish the next day. In the morning you will have those thoughts on your mind and you will be fresh and ready to tackle the day.


  1. Burnout – Getting a good night’s sleep is the first step to preventing job burnout. You will be more productive, more accurate, focused, and ready to work. You will be able to balance your work and home life and be able to enjoy both more. With sleep you will be more creative and energized. You will be able to face whatever challenges you run into during your day. Being happier and more in control at work will cause you to not have job burnout. In fact, with everything you are doing you might even end up with a promotion after turning your life around. So be sure to get a good night’s sleep tonight and face your day with a smile.

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