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3 Common Recurring Dreams

Posted by Jennifer Christensen on Sep 2, 2013 10:00:00 AM


Dreams are a product of our everyday life. Some are vivid and others foggy and some we forget all together. They could be triggered by a conflict, something significant happening in your life, or emotions. The meaning of dreams is not always clear, but could give a sneak peak into your subconscious about something that’s potentially going on in your life, notably more so with recurring dreams. 

Here are the 3 most common recurring dreams and there meanings. 

  1. Being Chased. If you find yourself under hot pursuit it most likely means you are avoiding something in your waking life. Could be a person, situation, or obligation. 
  2. Teeth Falling Out. Oddly enough this has nothing to do with oral hygiene. The premise behind loosing your K9s is that maybe you've been saying some things you shouldn't have, in the form of gossip or otherwise. 
  3. Falling. Falling dreams are probably the most common and most frightening. When you fall it means there has been a loss of control or a shift in your life. 

No matter what the frequency, recurring dreams can contain valuable information about yourself. Once you uncover what your dreams may be trying to tell you they may change or disappear all together.  

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