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105 Good & Healthy Habits For Abundant Living: Part 2

Posted by Chris Cucchiara on Sep 6, 2018 10:34:00 AM

According to Webster the habit definition is:

  • A settled tendency or usual manner of behavior, An acquired behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.

So essentially it is a tendency or behavior that functions almost on auto-pilot in your life. Well my friends this is good news because you can now create good habits to replace the bad ones with the list below where I show you 333 good habits and healthy habits that I hope will change your life!



  1. Reflect on Your Day – What could you learn from your day. How can you learn from scenarios that you can do better in next time? Better yet, what did you do good and how can you do better. This will provoke more positive responses.
  2. When You Find Coins On The Ground Say To Yourself You Are a Money Magnet – This is a tip I learned from Secrets of A Millionaire Mind. It seems silly but it can allow you to draw more money into your life because you are appreciating it more.
  3. Do Something Spontaneous Each Day – There is a cool article talking about this and the benefits it will bring you including; keeping your mind sharp, less stress because you will now be adapting to the unknown and add variety to your day. In order to integrate more spontanaeity into your life, you should do so after you have had a successful day, be naughty when you do it, actually schedule it since it isn’t part of your daily life yet and look for ideas online of how people live more spontaneous.
  4. Ask For Help More Often – Nobody can do it alone. Even “self made” people are not really self made at all. They have had massive amounts of help on the way. Also the smartest people know that it takes hiring smarter people than them is the best and fastest way to success!
  5. Change The Nervous Mindset For Excited – Replace the word nervous with excited, it can change your whole perspective in life.
  6. When You Are At Work WORK – Don’t talk to co-workers until either your lunch break or after work. When you are at work, get in the zone and crush your tasks. That way you don’t take it home with you. You will be able to separate work life from home life. A very crucial thing for happiness and success.
  7. Learn Belly Breathing – There are countless benefits of belly breathing including: relieving pain, stretches and tones core muscles including the pelvic floor, improves posture and helps us relax better along with creates optimal levels of respiratory health.
  8. Get A Mentor For One Or More Areas of Your Life – Even the pros have mentors. To reach a new level in your life, you have to work with someone who knows how to make you better. This can even be in the form of reading the same author over and over or watching podcasts of an expert in your field.
  9. Allow A Negative Feeling To Be There Instead of Resisting It – What you resists persists, so if you have been trying to escape a negative feeling or emotion, stop. The only way through it is straight through it. If you are having trouble letting go of unwanted emotions. I wrote an article on how to do so here.
  10. Join A Workout Group – Often times we refrain from working out alone because we are intimidated or don’t want to look dumb in front of people when we mess up. Well first of all people that go to the gym are some of the most secure people in the world because they are creating higher self confidence, so they won’t judge you if you mess up. But you can also workout around others who are in the same situation as you by joining a gym that offers group classes. It can allow you to get a host of different types of workouts and styles and help you on your journey to one day working out on your own.
  11. Use Smaller Plates To Eat Less – A little psychological trick to make your mind think you are eating just as much.
  12. Add Variety To Your Diet – Switch it up. This will make you healthier! Add a variety of meats, fruits and veggies to get a wholesome diet!
  13. Pause Before SpeakingPausing before you speak has many benefits including avoiding the risk of interrupting the person who you are speaking to if they aren’t done, shows you were listening and reflecting on what they said and you can let what was said soak in to give a much better response.
  14. Strongly Introduce Yourself To New People – Make a lasting impression on people wherever you go. Look people in the eye and introduce yourself, don’t wait for them to initiate.
  15. Master Social Media To Promote & Market Your Business – According to a website 42% of the worldwide population is online and 84.2% of the US is online. The numbers are only going to get higher. Why not master online marketing and take your piece of the pie? Where else can you open your doors up to 3 billion people on your first day in business?
  16. Stop Hitting The Snooze Button – This is going to take effort, but the best way to stop hitting the snooze button is to have something so exciting waiting for you that it pulls you out of bed. Create a strong sense of purpose through goals you can get excited about to where sleep becomes less important!
  17. Make Better Eye Contact – I came across an article on the importance of making eye contact and it talked about how those who do some come across as more likeable and attractive, dominant and powerful, warm and receptive, trustworthy and honest and more confident and emotionally stable.
  18. Eat Clean – There is a great level of discipline earned and created by eating clean. If we master our diet and feelings around food, we will naturally be more disciplined in every other areas of life.
  19. Build Scale Sized Models – There are many great benefits of building models, including fine skills development, stress release, artistic outlet, feeling of completion and something fun to do with loved ones.
  20. Be More Organized – Here is a great article on how to get organized with 100 tips!
  21. Give More Hugs – It has been said that when you hug people the vagus nerve is stimulated releasing a healthy dose of oxytocin which can relax the body and make you feel great through the release or norepinephrine. So hug the heck out of people, don’t just go for a handshake! Even if your are a due and are worried about it looking unmanly, then just give the cool guy high five bro hug!
  22. Wake Up To A Big Glass of Lemon Water – Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach can provide you with countless benefits including; helping promote weight loss, fighting colds, detoxify, help with digestion, lower inflammation, reduce acne and give you a healthy dose of vitamin
  23. Recall Upon Fond Memories More Often – Whenever you are feeling down, just think of a nice memory that allows you to be taken of that moment of feeling down. Use your memories as a time machine to a better time!
  24. Teach or Motivate Someone Who Needs It – Not only will the student receive benefits from this, allowing you to feel great about yourself and your contribution. You will also learn, like the Proverb says “By learning, you will teach, by teaching you will learn.”
  25. Be More Loving – Just love the hell out of people. Doing so is the cheapest and fastest way to feel joy. You will also receive a lot more love back because you are giving it, and what you give out in this universe must come back to you.
  26. Throw More Parties – Make people happy by throwing a nice bbq party or block party. It can be a great way to network and just have fun and blow off steam after a long work week.
  27. Skip Rocks – This will both put you right in the moment as well as bring out a competitive side in you. Do it with a friend and have a nice competition where the winner buys dinner!
  28. Donate Things Your Haven’t Used For 6 Months Or Sell Them! – If you haven’t used something for 6 or more months, chances are that it really doesn’t mean that much to you anymore. Allow yourself to let go of this after giving yourself a moment of nostalgia! Then toss that sucker or donate it!
  29. Be Overly Optimistic About At Least One Goal – Pull out on all stops for one goal. The more “delusional” you are about your goal, the more you will act in ways you wouldn’t even you were being rational about your goals and its outcome. So fake it til you achieve your goal!
  30. Start and Finish Strong – Keep the energy you had in the beginning all the way to the end. Don’t let up until you achieve your desired outcome.
  31. Call a Relative and Tell Them Your Love Them – This is especially awesome to call a senior relative of ours. Often time this can make someones day or week, getting them out of a negative rut!
  32. Look Up At The Stars – This will make you really appreciate how big life is as well as make your problems feel a lot smaller!
  33. Buy A Telescope and Learn The Constellations – Take it to another level and spend some time admiring this universe and looking at planets and constellations. It can be incredibly relaxing.
  34. Wear Red More Often – There is a great article that talks about how scientifically wearing read will allow you to be more of a winner in this life. That is the closest color associated with power and strength. People cannot ignore it. It gives you a feeling of higher self esteem. Just think about it, Tiger Woods wears red in many of the most important tournaments he has ever played.
  35. Stand In Power Poses – This is more of a temporary solution to long term power, but it can put you in a mind state that allows you to act in a more powerful way. Which will make you more powerful in the long run.
  36. Be A Selfless Lover – The people in your life crave for this and you can be the one to provide them this. Unconditional love. Love like a mother does a newborn child. Without ulterior motives.
  37. Park In The Furthest Parking Spot To Get More Steps In – This can be an easy way to start losing some weight. Plus it will switch up your routine.
  38. Engage In A Forum of Your Interest Daily or Weekly – You can get perspectives from potentially thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people
  39. Eat At Least One Piece of Fruit A Day – An apple a day doesn’t necessarily keep the doctor away but eating fruit at least once a day will add variety as well give you essential nutrients for brain health and vitality.
  40. Avoid Cream In Coffee – 2 tablespoons of cream are 37 calories. Most people put twice that in their coffee. Be a badass and drink your coffee black! You will lose weight or be able to use those calories to eat more of the foods you enjoy.
  41. Stop Eating Fried Foods – The oil that is used in fried foods is incredibly cheap and can be linked to causing cancer. By avoiding fried foods you will have better liver health, better energy, less brain fog as well as and get more calories because you will be eating more calorie dense food.
  42. Rehearse and Prepare For Big Moments – This will make you feel more relaxed going into situations that would normally cause you anxiety. Fear is in the unknown. By playing out scenarios in or mind of how things will play out and how we can adapt positively, we can then act more naturally instead of out of fear.
  43. Don’t Let The Negative Define You – What your going through in life doesn’t define you, it just IS. Don’t let the negative things that happened to you make you. Find a positive in every negative and change your entire life and the image you have or yourself. Don’t let negative things make up your STORY. Create a positive story that talks about you overcoming and being better from the negative events.
  44. Adopt the Mentality That You Are Going To Do It No Matter What – You will develop epic resilience by adopting this mindset. Leave it all on the field and persevere until you make it.
  45. Be Patient – If you learn patience you will out last so many people that are looking for a quick fix. Develop a long term mindset. Media plays on our want for easy solutions. Don’t fall for it. It will give you the motivation to push through tough times.
  46. Use A Password Manager To Help You Remember Your Passwords – I mean talk about a stress relief. Instead of having to manage all your passwords in your head, clear some brain space and let LastPass do so for you!
  47. Stop Gossiping – Be so silent when people start talking crap that people are see how horrible their actions are and admire you.
  48. Create A Retirement Fund – Take some stress off of yourself by planning for the future so you are ready for it when you get there. Not figuring it out when you get there.
  49. Chew Mints Instead of Smoking – This can allow you to be orally fixated by something else instead of reaching for a stogie.
  50. Arrive Everywhere 5 Minutes Early – Develop the reputation for being tentatively on time or early. Your reputation is everything. Be known for the guy who will be early and not put up with people that aren’t.
  51. Accept What You Cant Change – Acceptance can seem passive, but it is actually allowing you to move forward instead of staying stuck in the negative. Use this powerful force often.
  52. Create Your Elevator Pitch for ALL Areas of Your LIfe – This can allow you to come off polished and not get caught off guard.
  53. Take Photos Through The Day With Your Phone – Capture moments instead of just trying to remember them!
  54. Become A Perfectionist great habits– This is one of the that some of the most wealthy and successful people in the world have.

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