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5 Best Sheets for Hot Sleepers in 2021

Posted by Katie Tejada on Sep 6, 2021 5:57:00 AM

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The quality of your sleep isn’t always related to how calm you are before bed or what dreams your anxiety may present to you. Sometimes, how well you sleep is related to purely physical elements, like how well your bed conforms to your body or what types of pillows you’re using. Even the temperature of your body plays a crucial role in helping you fall and stay asleep!

The ideal room temperature to keep your body comfortable during sleep is somewhere between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Since you may not always want the air conditioning on throughout the night, simply swapping out your sheets could be the perfect solution to your sleeping problems. To find the ideal sheets to cool you down, check out this list of lightweight options that can make a big difference.


  1. 100% Cotton Sheets

If you’re looking for cooling sheets, cotton could be a perfect choice. If summer nights are too unbearably hot, or if you’re just a hot sleeper, percale cotton sheets are more than just a dream come true! This type of material is lightweight than most other cotton weaves and actually feels cool against your skin. The percale style weaving enhances breathability, and you don’t even need a high thread count to feel the difference. Opt for 400, two-ply thread count sheets, and rediscover deep sleep.


  • Bamboo Sheets

In addition to being durable and sustainable, bamboo sheet sets also have the added advantage of being plush and breathable. They’re softer than even the highest thread count cotton sheet set! Even better, the open weave provides more breathability than ever before to prevent heat from getting trapped under the covers. Instead of waking you up in the middle of the night, the heat escapes from your bed, leaving you cool and covered.

It’s also worth mentioning that bamboo sheets are antibacterial and hypoallergenic. They reduce the amount of moisture in your bed, which discourages dust mites, pet dander, and dust from sticking around.


  • Linen Sheets

Natural fabrics make some of the best sheets for hot sleepers. Linen is just one more addition to the cooling sheet set lineup because of its breathable weave and moisture-wicking qualities. The fibers from the flax plant allow more airflow than every other type of natural fabric. As air circulates around your body throughout the night, the temperature-regulating properties of linen keep you cool and filter out allergens that otherwise get trapped in cotton and other fabrics.

One other unique element of linen sheets is their anti-static properties. Because they won’t cling or stick, your skin can maintain its natural pH level for maximum comfort.


  • Blend Sheet Set

Sheets featuring Supima® cotton blends are a great cost-effective choice for hot sleepers. Many are expertly blended to include additional benefits. For example, if you choose sheets that are made from 20% performance polyester and 80% American Supima® cotton, its quick-drying properties will ensure any moisture that forms while you’re sleeping dries immediately instead of soaking you in sweat.

Like some of the other fabrics on this list, Supima® is more breathable, softer, and environmentally friendly than many mainstream textile blends. The difference between Supima® cotton and regular cotton is the length of the fiber. Supima® cotton averages 1.5” long per fiber, while regular cotton is only about 1” per fiber. The longer fiber makes it easier to create an open, breathable weave. The result is a crisp and refreshing sheet set that’s more comfortable than traditional cotton alternatives.


  • Rayon Sheet SetsLady sleeping comfortably in her new sheets.

While you might have heard of rayon being used in clothing as a substitute for denim, it’s also popular in sheet sets for the very same reasons! It’s lighter weight and more breathable than heavy winter fabrics. It’s also moisture-wicking and thermoregulating to keep you cool on even the hottest nights. Thermoregulating fabrics automatically adapt and adjust to match your body heat in order to dissipate body heat in the summer and insulate you during the winter.

Rayon is made from dissolving wood pulp into a weavable material. This sustainable creation can be woven to create 100% rayon sheets or blends with other materials, like cotton or polyester. When you’re shopping for rayon sheets, you can also look for lyocell.


  • Make Your Choice

Finding the right sheets for you is about more than just finding the right materials: it’s important that you choose what feels good to you. Everyone has their own preferences, regardless of what the experts say. Try out a few of these different fabrics to discover which one wraps you up in the most amount of comfort.

Of course, new linens cannot cure a sleep disorder.  If your sleep loss is a chronic problem, you may need to have a sleep study.  Speak to your primary care doctor or call Alaska Sleep Clinic today @ 907-770-9104.


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