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5 Easy-To-Grow Houseplants That Can Help You Sleep Better

Posted by Monica Gibson on May 28, 2021 9:13:00 AM

Potted snake plants (botanical name Sansevieria trifasciata), also known as mother-in-laws tongue (poisonous if ingested), an ornamental native to tropical western Africa, on table in greenhouse

Did you know that some plants have strange and yet healthy benefits for you? Maybe you are thinking that you have to eat these plants and get some nutrients from them. However, the plants that I am talking about are not for food, instead, these plants are for your sleeping time. Some plants are easy to tend to and only require minimal maintenance. Are you struggling with the quality of your sleep? If yes, then let the plants solve that problem. In this article, you will know about the 5 easy-to-grow houseplants that can help you sleep better.


Aloe Vera: for additional oxygen

Other than the medicinal benefit of aloe vera, it also produces additional oxygen that will improve the quality of the air in the bedroom. By this, you can experience a very comfortable ambiance which can help you sleep better. It is easy to grow and not difficult to take care of. It is important to place this plant in sunny areas to keep it healthy. It only needs little watering because it is succulent and maintains moisture in its leaves. Aloe vera is also good for treating burns, insect bites, and dry skins.


Lavender: for a deeper sleep experience

Lavender is famous for its attractive flowers and look. But did you know that lavender can cause you to sleep deeper through its scent? It also lowers the blood pressure, heart rate, as well as stress level. Lavender is usually used as an ingredient for baby bath oil which can produce calming feelings that help babies sleep better. It is useful especially when you are disturbed by a noise caused by your neighbors and other tenants in your apartments or buildings. Let this plant help you get the sleep you are looking for. However, lavender plants can't stop the noisy humans so it is still better for the building owner to hire a property management to ensure discipline and order on the site.


Peace Lily: for increased humidity 

Peace Lily is one of the most helpful plants inside your house because it can increase the humidity inside your room which can help you breathe properly and sleep well. Most indoor gardeners are using indoor grow tents that can control the temperature, humidity, and the environment which can help indoor plants grow better. For a plant like peace lilies, indoor grow tents will be useful in maintaining the plant's environmental needs while inside your room. Peace lilies are really beautiful when placed in your bedrooms.


Jasmine: for scented relaxation

Jasmine is another indoor house plant that induces sleep quality. It has a very relaxing scent which can help you feel comfortable. The fragrant scent of Jasmine can reduce the level of anxiety and at the same time helps you to be relaxed as you smell it. The sweet-smelling scent of Jasmine contributes to reducing anxiety and stress. The pretty white flowers of Jasmine augments the relaxing experience inside your room and then leads you to sleep through its fragrance. You can easily keep Jasmine in a small pot and it is advisable to place it on the windowsill for a better look.


Snake Plant: for a cleaner air

The ability of the snake plant to purify the air in your room will help you sleep better. It reduces the bad air that you might breathe in your house which could be harmful to your respiratory system. It emits oxygen and removes chemicals that could be dangerous to your lungs such as formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, and benzene. This kind of indoor houseplant will not only be beneficial to your health but also add an appealing look to your bedroom.



Isn't it interesting to know this unique benefit you can get from indoor houseplants? They also serve as an aid for relaxation, sleep quality, and respiratory health. To summarize, you might consider putting aloe vera, lavender, peace lily, jasmine, and snake plant in your bedroom. You can choose these five most renowned houseplants that can make you sleep better. These houseplants can help you achieve a better sleeping experience and they also add natural ambiance and environmental-friendly decoration inside your bedroom.

Have you selected the plant you will install in your bedroom? You should definitely consider getting at least one of the highly-beneficial, beautiful flowers from this list. Some of them are even low-maintenance for those who have little time on their hands to care for a plant. The benefits are amazing, so make sure you don’t pass them up.

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