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6 Tips to Better Sleep While Traveling

Posted by Monica Gibson on Apr 13, 2021 3:35:00 AM


Jet-lag is one of the biggest inconveniences that someone can face while traveling. Drowsiness is not what people want to feel when they are traveling and it can become a major issue for certain travelers. It doesn’t matter if you’re going abroad or cruising through the different landscapes in your own country; since time zones can vary even inside the same nation. Sleeping is important, it keeps you sharp, energetic, and ready to learn. If you’re traveling, sleeping will most likely be of your lesser worries, but if you find trouble staying awake while on your dream vacation don't flinch there are several simple and effective ways of combating jet-lag. 

  • Study your destination

If someone is looking to escape the cold Spanish winter, going somewhere nice, warm, and tropical-like Panhandle of Florida they first have to prepare, book a flight, check a vacation rental service, pack light clothes, etc. Besides all the usual, it would aid in his mission for enjoyment to look at the time zone difference, which put Spain roughly 6 hours ahead of Florida. With this information, you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments to adapt most efficiently from the get-go. Enabling you to enjoy the beautiful swamps, beaches, cays, and nightlife of sunny Florida

  • Sleep during the flight 

This tip helps especially if you are going to travel somewhere far away from your departure point. To be able to sleep during the flight, you’ll have to take into consideration the landing and departure local hours. A flight from Madrid to Orlando takes twelve hours, so you’ll just have to calculate at which point is best to fall asleep to adapt to your new temporary time zone.

  • Get Busy

Once you arrive, use your new-found energy and spend it on different activities, don’t just sit in the room that the vacation rental provided, go to the beach, museums, swamps. Try to make your travel more enjoyable and special, a trip that you will always remember. Florida is one of the most multicultural places on earth, you can find beautiful landscapes, delicious food, charismatic people, recreational exercises by the water, riding your motorized bike, amazing architecture, insightful art, and more.

Finding varied activities to do is one of the key factors for mental stimulation, and draining your energy is a huge help in your time adaptation process. By doing this you are going to find little sleep resistance by the end of the day.

  • Go for the natural route

If you’re finding trouble to normalize your sleeping schedule while on vacation, one option other than sleeping pills is melatonin. This is a naturally produced hormone that begins to appear a few hours before falling asleep. It doesn’t have secondary effects and it’s usually sold without prescriptions, but is always a good idea to check the laws of your destination on the subject.

  • Beware of the sun

Studies show that a good way of tricking your internal clock and making your brain forget that back home you should already be sleeping is to avoid the morning sunlight in the morning while exposing to it in the afternoon, this makes your corporal rhythm sync more easily to the new time zone. If you're traveling westward rather than eastward is recommended to light exposure to the sun in the early morning. Remember it is never a bad idea to bring a nice pair of sunglasses with you, especially if you're thinking about going to tropical Florida. 

  • Relax

It may seem obvious but the best way to sleep and adjust your internal clock while on vacation is laying down in bed, getting cozy, turning the lights off, and closing your eyes will most likely be the ultimate solution. This will be especially easy if you get the right vacation rental service that takes care of you and your needs. Moreover, it is easier to feel at peace if you have already planned, and now you don’t have to worry about anything. Sometimes people tend to worry about everything they left behind at home, but the vacation can be a good inspiration for remodeling your house when you return. You can just concentrate on the sound of the waves, find some relaxing music, or even listen to a soft-spoken audiobook.

These tips work not only for making you fall asleep but to improve the quality of it, allowing you to fully enjoy your travel experience. Bettering your sleeping while traveling does not have to be a painstakingly hard process, and vacation rental services sometimes do a lot of these tips for you before you can even notice.

CPAP Travel Issues

You might encounter problems with your CPAP machine if you are traveling to higher altitudes. Find out if your CPAP machine includes automatic altitude adjustment settings. If your not sure, call your CPAP company or your sleep doctor to figure out how to manually adjust your settings for higher altitudes.

Extreme temperatures can also affect how your machine works. Air temperatures of less than 55°F or in very hot conditions can make using your CPAP unsafe.

The reason why is that your machine draws in the air from around you. The air will remain at the same temperature as the air around you. Extreme air temperatures can make your body core temperature too low, which results in CPAP-related hypothermia or too high, which results in heat stroke.

Another travel related worry is what to do if your CPAP machine stops working or if equipment becomes broken. Call your medical equipment provider to find out if there are options to get replacement machines or equipment while you are out of town.

Traveling with a CPAP machine doesn’t have to be a pain. Just educate yourself ahead of time so that you can have a worry-free trip.

We know that traveling with your CPAP device can make it difficult to travel. If you want to know more about travel sized CPAP machines, check out our recommendations. 

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