The fact is, there are good reasons why sleep medicine is classified as a distinct specialty and why your sleep difficulties should be managed by a physician specializing in sleep medicine.

With more than 84 different sleep disorders, reaching an accurate diagnosis can be challenging without a sleep physician’s additional training and expertise.

In addition, symptoms can overlap, as can underlying causes and contributing factors. Without the informed care of a specialist, treatment can be inappropriate, ineffective or even nonexistent. As an example, people who seek medical care for sleep apnea usually go without treatment for an average of seven years!

Trust your sleep problems to a sleep expert.

At Alaska Sleep Clinic, our staff has the training, skill and expertise necessary to diagnose and treat your sleep disorder. With training and seasoned know-how, our staff can handle the subtle science of diagnosis and treatment of these complex, and sometimes elusive problems. Our compassion and dedication facilitate the continuity and quality of care that you deserve and the restful, restorative sleep you need.

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