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Strange Sleep Habits of the Stars

Posted by Jennifer Christensen on Aug 23, 2013 10:57:00 AM

Michael PhelpsMichael Phelps even works out in his sleep. He is reported to have spent a year sleeping in a high-altitude sleeping chamber. Supposedly, the chamber, which is set to 8,500 to 9,00 feet, aids performance by forcing his body to keep working even while he’s resting.


Lady GagaLady Gaga- Remember that egg-like contraption Lady Gaga arrived in for the 2011 Grammy’s? Reportedly she had her New York City apartment renovated so that the now infamous egg could take the place of a double bed.


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey- The signer apparently sleeps 15 hours a night with 20 humidifiers surrounding her. She says she wants to recreate the “steam room” effect. 


Tom CruiseTom Cruise- Even celebrities snore, but not many have their own room for it. Reportedly Tom has his own sound-proof “snoratorium.” 


Martha StewartMartha Stewart is said to sleep less than 5 hours a night because “there’s not enough time in the day.” And she is reported to start her daily beauty routine at 4am!


Rose O'DonnellRose O’Donnell has severe sleep apnea and snores. Before she was treated doctors estimated she stopped breathing as many as 200 times per night!


EminemEminem- You’d think he grew up in Anchorage, Alaska with this stunt. He reportedly wraps tinfoil around windows and shades as an extra measure to keep out the light. 



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