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Ancient Dream Interpretations

Posted by Jennifer Christensen on Sep 18, 2013 8:59:00 AM

Dreams can reflect our fears, desires, and everything else in between. Some cultures regarded dreams as warnings and omens while some saw them as messages from the heavens and even one culture relied on dreams to cure disease and illnesses.


To the ancient Romans, dreams were subjects to debate in the senate and considered messages from the gods. The senate would then interpret the dream and use the information as a guide as to how to proceed with certain actions.

The Greeks were even more meticulous. They would take two days to purify themselves before sleeping in temples in order to accept messages from the gods. Practicing abstinence, fasting, and refraining from eating meat was all part of their preparation.

The Assyrians interpreted dreams as omens. It was believed that a bad dream was a sign that something was about to go wrong, and they should take steps to try to avert the disaster. Assyrians also believe that if a dream provided advice, it should be followed no matter what.

For millennia, cultures the world over have sought help interpreting dreams and their true meanings. We’ve been fascinated with the meaning of dreams since the dawning of mankind and our curiosity has in no way diminished with time. How do you try to interpret your dreams?

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