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Apps to Improve Your Sleep Quality in 2021

Posted by Julie Spencer on May 18, 2021 2:23:00 AM

11 Programs To Improve Sleep And Well-Being

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Everything has been said about the importance of proper sleep for a long time, but it often becomes an unaffordable luxury at the current pace of life. It's not just about the length of the rest. Sleep quality, from how we prepare for sleep to the moment we wake up, affects our productivity and mood throughout the day. Before you run to the pharmacy for sleeping pills, take a look at the App Store and Google Play. In addition to the standard Sleep Cycle, there are many helpful relaxation programs. We've collected the best apps that make you sleepy.


Headspace takes first place on our list of apps to help you sleep. As a rule, severe fatigue is not enough for restful and sound sleep: the brain needs quality relaxation. The best way to deal with unnecessary thoughts and experiences is meditation - a tool at hand and free. If your anxiety levels are off the charts, start with short, relaxing practices: the popular Headspace app has 10-minute meditation sessions. The program allows you to keep a personal diary of meditations and exchange impressions with friends - this is what you need for beginners.


The Sleep Bot app knows how long you need to sleep. Does the sleep app really work? The program records and analyzes your sleep metrics, identifies qualitative and quantitative deficiencies, and then gives valuable recommendations. The Sleep Bot functionality is equipped with an intelligent alarm clock and the ability to record audio - so you can find out what sounds disturb you in your sleep.


Netflix will soon be releasing a TV series about how to fall asleep. The animated series consists of seven episodes that explore the science behind healthy nighttime sleep and advise how to organize the best sleep you have ever had. The series consists of 15 episodes that explore different aspects of our relationship to sleep, such as insomnia, stress, our phones, and even sleeping pills, followed by a gradual relaxation designed to help you on your way to better sleep. However, not everyone will be able to enjoy such a show because Netflix has geo-restrictions. Therefore, you need to take care of unblocked Netflix beforehand. We recommend using VeePN - it is the safest and most reliable service with 2500 servers. Just download the program, connect to the servers, go to Netflix, and you can watch any show. While the show is in development, watch Netflix streaming shows that enhance sleep quality.

Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius is one of Apple's top apps to help you sleep. Sleep Genius has been developed by experts who have improved sleep for NASA astronauts so that this application can be called the most scientifically based sound program globally. Are you interested in: "How can I improve my sleep score with this program?" Quite simply, the "white noise" programmed into Sleep Genius truly immerses you in serene sleep, and a particular cyclic alarm clock provides a gradual awakening without disturbing your physical and emotional comfort. If the standard set of sounds is not enough, you can download others and install additional sleep tracking features.


Waking up cheerful at sunrise and doing all the essential things before lunch is a desirable habit, but let's be honest: how many people do this? Meanwhile, one of the prominent landmarks of the theory of biorhythms in the sun. A person's activity depends on how much his regime correlates with the regime of the luminary. Using theI should be sleeping now Sunriser app as an alternative to a simple alarm clock, you can learn to get up early and feel great. It is also not forbidden to set up the program for the most convenient ascent hours.


Pacifica is another stress manager on our list. Here you can find exercises for breathing, muscle relaxation, relieving anxiety - in a word, all anti-stress tools to prepare you for a good sleep. The most curious feature of this deep sleep app is the mood tracker: by analyzing the recordings of your thoughts, the program reveals specific thought patterns and recognizes anxiety levers.

Personal Zen

Games usually provoke arousal in the brain, but not in this case. Personal Zen is a series of games for children and adults to achieve Buddhist serenity: each game trains the brain to focus on positive things. Scientists developed the app based on severe clinical research in the fields of psychology and neurology. Instead of waking up or falling asleep flipping through the feed on Instagram, try playing - and half an hour a day is enough to notice the positive effect.


It is not always necessary to delve into Freud's theory to understand what our dreams mean: they are often reflections of the most acute experiences and accumulated problems. The Dreameo app is a multifunctional pocket dream interpreter. Tere you can write down all the details of dreams, find their interpretations and share them intimately with other users.


DigiPill's beautiful game interface makes this app stand out from its peers. The application prescribes virtual pills for stress and fatigue, bad habits, and even excess weight - in the form of various meditation programs. It is safe to say that in this case, "overdose" will only benefit you.


Forget sleeping pills and sheep: the Pzizz music app will ensure the most enjoyable and smooth immersion in sleep. You can compose your soundtrack of any length and volume by choosing sounds from the built-in library. Pzizz provides over 10 billion different audio combinations, including full melodies, vocals, and stereo beats.

White Noise

Often city noise prevents us from falling asleep, but you can neutralize it with the help of another white noise. To do this, you need the White Noise app. Imagine sleeping in a hammock on the deserted coast of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by only the lulling sounds of nature, such as the soft howl of the wind, the crackling of a campfire, or the ocean surf. And in the morning, a smart alarm clock will delicately pull you out of heavenly bliss. All-day inspiration is assured.

In general, the expert advice is to turn the TV off before going to sleep. It is the best way to create a scenario that will allow your brain and body to give you adequate sleep. So, even if there are a few benefits and one or another essay on television says it’s OK, it is best not to take the risk and hit the OFF button on the remote.

At Alaska Sleep Clinic, we encourage everyone to practice good sleep hygiene. However, your sleep issues could be a sleep disorder that must be correctly diagnosed and treated to make a difference.

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