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Better Sleep: 9 Healthy Foods You Must Eat Before Bed

Posted by Ella Lauren on Jan 17, 2019 11:28:00 AM

Back in days, people use to have much better health. You must have noticed your grandparents still doing their daily chores perfectly well. If you will ask them the secret behind their healthy physic you will know how they ate healthy and sleep tight throughout their life.

This good habit made them strong and healthy even after ages. Hence, food and sleep benefit your health greatly.

Sleep is very crucial for men as it helps to recover all the lost energy during daily chores and revive the body. Today, people suffer from many sleep problem due to their busy and hectic schedule.

More than 70% of Americans suffer from sleep problems at least once a month while 11% of American suffers it regularly. Therefore, it is better to take early precautions than letting it turn worse. Most of the times food that you eat has direct effects on your sleep quality. By eating right you can get good sleep without any discomfort or unease.

The whole point of this article is to share the knowledge of healthy foods which can be consume beforebedtime.

So, let’s start!

What foods should you eat before bed?

Protein-rich food contains tryptophan an essential amino acid that boost up the melatonin production within the brain’s pineal gland and signals the body to rest and sleep. Tryptophan can’t be made by the body but it can only be taken through food. Also, carbohydrates are a big supporter of tryptophan.

Moreover, any food that is a good source of melatonin or serotonin boost your good night sleep.

There are plenty of foods that are good for a good night sleep. Some of the most helpful foods are given in here.

Healthy food to eat before the bedtime

1.Fish - There are plenty of fish options in the market but for better sleep, you need fishes that are high in protein such as salmon, tuna, and halibut.

These fish are a great source of tryptophan enhancing your sleep. Thus, a plate of Salmon or Tuna before the bedtime is easy to digest and great for your sleep.

2. Nuts – All type of nuts are a great source of heart-healthy fats. Walnuts and almond are among the best in this group as they have high melatonin which controls the sleep/wake cycle of your body. They also increase the blood levels of the hormones which helps you to have sound sleep through the night.  
3.Cottage Cheese Cottage cheese is filed with high lean protein. Also, It has a good amount of amino acid that
increases the serotonin level with the body.
The serotonin is a brain chemical which
treats in insomnia cases too. Moreover, you can club this amazing food with berries to make it more tasty and healthy.
4. A Healthy Dose Of Bedtime Tea – Many older people have rituals
of having bedtime tea. Indeed this is the good sleeping dose for restful
and better sleep. Chamomile, ginger, peppermint or passion fruit tea are
great pre-bed tea choices as they relax your body muscles and induces a mild sedative effect. Consume tea at least an hour before bed for peaceful sleep.
5.Milk – It has been proved scientifically that melatonin milk content
and tryptophan results in good night sleep. Moreover, the connections might b e psychological due to childhood routine of warm milk before bed. A glass of warm milk or hot tea gives you the perfect soothing time before going to sleep which helps you sleep faster.
6.Fruits with Melatonin – Although all type of fruits is good for your health. A few specific types have a major contribution in helping you get good sleep. For instance, t art cherries, bananas, pineapple, oranges, berries, and kiwi are a good source of natural sleep enhancing hormones. If you like fruit add these to your favorite
fruit list. Eat them before bed to sleep faster.
7. Salads One of the healthiest addition to this list is salads. You can have a pre-bed food such salad filled with lettuce, berries, cottage cheese, and honey are delicious and extremely healthy. Besides, lettuce is filled with lactucarium which has sedative properties. It soothes the body and helps it to get relaxing sleep for the night. Moreover, leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, and mustard greens are great sources of calcium to add in your salads.
8. Chickpeas – One of the primary ingredient found in hummus is a
superior source of tryptophan. It tastes amazing and has some really 
wonderful effects on your sleep. Hummus is easy to digest and produces melatonin with its amino acid ingestion in the body. So, if you are craving something delicious and healthy for your hunger before the bed, get yourself a nice plate of hummus dish instead of unhealthy snacks.
9.Honey – Honey is the natural sweetener to help you get sweet sleep. It actually helps transfer the good amino acid tryptophan to the brain without s quashing your insulin level. So, it becomes an incredible carbohydrate choice for you. Y ou should avoid carbohydrates
with a high glycemic index at night as it raises the insulin levels in the blood.

Sum It Up

Your health is the real wealth. You must make sure you do everything to help your body stay at its best. Good food and good sleep are the key factors that will always keep you away from the dangerous diseases. Sleep easily gets hampered with little changes or unbalanced diet.

Therefore, it is mandatory to give an additional attention to your eating habits especially before bedtime. Sleep problems start from a day and then turn worse day-by-day if no precautions are taken. If you are facing any sort of sleep depreciation or issues, just try this food during your dinner and night munching-time.  Also, you can go through voonky blogs to find more information the comfort sleep or sleeping habits. You will find tremendous improvement in your sleep quality. Also, You will notice positive results if you do practice the good food routine in your daily life.

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