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Ways to Make Room Soundproof for Better Sleep

Posted by Jonh Robinson on Jan 26, 2021 9:53:03 AM

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Topics: sleep hygiene, noise, silence

How to Make a Cozy Sleeping Bedroom?

Posted by Jonh Robinson on Jan 26, 2021 9:07:08 AM

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Topics: bedroom, nasal pillows

Have A Good Night's Sleep in Clean, Crisp Bedding

Posted by Jonh Robinson on Dec 15, 2020 8:01:24 PM

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Topics: comfortable bed, getting better sleep, bedding

Stress Related Dental Cases on the Rise During Covid

Posted by Jonh Robinson on Dec 9, 2020 1:34:12 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the global economy, international and domestic travel more than we could have ever imagined. It also caused a lot of fear, stress, and anxiety for people that is not immediately attributable to Covid. Health experts warned about the possible psycho-social effects of isolation. They were not wrong to assume this, and there has been an increase in mental health cases over this span of time.

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Topics: sleep apnea, dental, teeth, bruxism

17 Factors That Can Affect Sleep

Posted by Jonh Robinson on Nov 17, 2020 7:49:58 AM

It's no secret that energy, efficiency, health, and even daily mood directly depend on the quality and duration of sleep. If a person does not get enough sleep or, worse, suffers from insomnia, he becomes lethargic, and his health seriously deteriorates.

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Topics: sleep hygiene

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