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Teens, sleep, and depression: The Link Parents Should Know

Posted by Julia Higginson on Apr 9, 2018 5:00:00 AM

Constant moodiness, sleeping in late, copping an attitude, and even being depressed are all seen as typical teenage behavior. But what if your teen just being a teen is really your teen reacting to the effects of sleep deprivation.

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Topics: Pediatrics, teens, behavioral psychology, depression, suicide, sleep habits, losing sleep

Lightweight CPAP machines for travel

Posted by Julia Higginson on Apr 5, 2018 1:32:00 AM

When you have sleep apnea, the mere thought of traveling and having to lug your CPAP with you can be overwhelming. You may even avoid travel all together because your bulky CPAP machine doesn’t fit into your vacation plans.

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Student Athletes and Sleep

Posted by Julia Higginson on Mar 13, 2018 6:31:00 AM

Have you ever heard the young athletes say they eat, sleep, and breath their sport? Well, it turns out that sleeping really is an important part of training for any young athlete.

Young athletes tend to focus on nutrition and training schedules, yet sleep may be more critical to their overall health and performance.

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Topics: Pediatrics, sports, losing sleep

Sleep Like an Olympian

Posted by Julia Higginson on Feb 13, 2018 6:50:00 AM

The 2018 Winter Olympics are underway.  As we look forward to seeing some of the world’s greatest athletes compete for gold, it’s easy to wonder what Olympians do each day to keep in tip-top shape.

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Topics: get better sleep, sleep habits

Travel light with the world's smallest CPAP machines

Posted by Julia Higginson on Jan 24, 2018 10:08:14 AM

Even though summer is over, there are still plenty of reasons to travel. Maybe you have a business trip, friends and relatives to visit, or you are venturing out on the vacation of a lifetime.

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