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Natural Ways To Boost Sleep While You Are Awake

Posted by Paisley Hansen on Sep 27, 2022 7:01:00 AM

You wake up and rollover. The clock says 2:47 a.m.  You are exhausted and don't have to be awake for at least three more hours. It's another sleepless night of tossing and turning. If that scenario sounds familiar and you wish it could end, try using the following five natural sleep boosters you can implement during the day. 

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7 Things To Help Your Kids Avoid Long-Term Health Issues

Posted by Paisley Hansen on Sep 22, 2022 6:51:00 AM

Let's face it: Being a parent is more than a full-time job; it is a lifetime obligation. For most people, it is something you really want to do your best at. In addition to ensuring your kids are healthy and happy as children, you probably also want to help them succeed as adults. Luckily the two can go hand-in-hand. While nothing is foolproof, here are seven simple things you can do with your children to help them avoid a lifetime of health issues. 

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Having Trouble Sleeping? 5 Surprising Things May Be To Blame

Posted by Paisley Hansen on Aug 31, 2022 4:57:00 AM

Getting a good night's sleep is vital to maintaining physical and emotional health. After all, early signs of sleep deprivation can start to pop up after just a few days of inadequate rest. Unfortunately, it is often far easier to talk about sleeping all night than it is to do it regularly. If you've noticed more trouble sleeping lately but can't figure out why one of these five surprising culprits may be to blame.

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What To Do About Postpartum Insomnia

Posted by Paisley Hansen on Aug 19, 2022 1:56:00 AM

For new mothers, getting proper sleep can be a common problem. When mothers have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, they probably have postpartum insomnia. It can be challenging to adjust to life as a new mother. Many physiological changes can affect many parts of a woman's health. Sleep is one of them. Postpartum can make getting proper sleep feels impossible. It is vital for new mothers to be aware of the symptoms, causes, and treatment of postpartum insomnia so that they can be prepared to get the help they need and give their new child the help they need.    

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Healthy Snacks To Help You Sleep at Night

Posted by Paisley Hansen on Jul 10, 2022 10:37:00 AM

You have probably heard that eating close to bedtime can lead to weight gain. In fact, there may be a link between nighttime snacking and obesity. Consuming foods high in carbohydrates or fats late at night could also affect your ability to fall asleep.

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