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Bedroom Design Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Sleep

Posted by Laura May on Jul 19, 2021 3:41:00 AM

Is your bedroom keeping you up at night

Waking up from another difficult night’s sleep?

The neighbors aren’t party animals, you’re trying your best to avoid your phone before bed and you’ve got that routine down to a T. What could it be? Well, the problem might just be all around you.

The bedroom is supposed to be a place of solace, comfort and regeneration. In the last few years though, it’s transformed into an additional entertainment room and home office rolled into one. This simply isn’t conducive to a good night’s sleep. In this article, we’ll outline the bedroom design mistakes that are ruining your sleep.

Style over substance when choosing your bed

A stylish bed makes a wonderful centerpiece of the bedroom, but it might also be the reason you’re experiencing such a broken night’s sleep.

As you might expect, a tough and uncomfortable mattress can have a huge impact, sometimes resulting in improper spine alignment that leads to increased pain and, you guessed it, disturbed sleep.

A good quality mattress doesn’t just support your back, but all your pressure points, from shoulders to hips to the base of your spine. While mattress quality and keeping up with wear and tear is important, many people make the mistake of opting for a mattress they like the look of or complements their existing frame, rather than one that actually suits their body and schedule.

Don’t be afraid to do your research — finding the right bed for your body takes time and effort. While shopping for beds online might not feel as natural as choosing a dress, it can give you a greater feel for the options available and guide you beyond simply aesthetics.

Remember, a soft mattress isn’t necessarily a perfect mattress. Pay just as much attention to the firmness as you do to the color and price. We recommended starting with a medium or medium-soft option if you’re struggling for shut-eye.

You’re letting in too much light

Other than noisy neighbors, too much light is perhaps the greatest and most common disruptor of our sleeping habits.

Plenty of light in your bedroom is great for saving on power bills and enjoying a book in bed on a Saturday morning. But when it comes time to settle down, you don’t want streetlamps glaring through your windows.

While it sounds simple, trying to rid your bedrooms of light is easier said than done. Tatty old curtains printed in light colors? Useless! Invest in some thick fabric, dark tone curtains or (better yet) black-out blinds that create a separation between you and all the invasive lights of your neighborhood.

You’re not treating your nose to nice scents

It’s not just your eyes and your mind that need to be treated properly before you drift off to sleep, but your nose too.

An inviting and pleasantly smelling bedroom is something all of us want, but did you realize some scents can be much more stimulating than others? You might be in love with that new locally poured candle you picked up at the market, but it is keeping you up at night?

Ideally, you want to aim for floral scents known to boost relaxation. A bold smell such as peppermint or citrus might get your mind too amped up. You might enjoy filling your room with this aroma while you work deep into the night on a project or relax in bed with a movie, but their lingering presence will make it hard to enter a night of deep sleep.

Look for candles or oils that offer relaxing scents to help you wind down as your bedtime approaches, such as:

  • Lavender
  • Camomile
  • Bergamot
  • Sandalwood
  • Jasmine

Interested in finding the right scent for you? Browse this selection of fragrances sure to turn your home into a cozy chamber.

The wall colors are all wrong

Some people love big, bold statement colors that tell the world this is their home. Unfortunately, there are some rooms where it pays to travel down the subtle route.

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, and while part of that is painting it the color you and your partner want, there are absolutely bad decisions. Vibrant tones, most notably, can stimulate your mind much in the way a bold smell can, with those bright hues irritating your eyes like persistent dust as you try to sleep.

However, you don’t need to go cold turkey on flashy colors. Sooth pastel blues, sage greens or a dusty pink can help ease your mind into a greater sense of relaxation. If you want to really secure a cozy night’s rest, dark natural tones are the way to go, with navy, grey and leafy greens acting as the best line between comfort and overstimulation.

Bold decor lovers need not worry too much, for there are ways to incorporate your design choices across the walls of your private quarters. But be prepared to pull out the old newspaper and start painting should you have one too many sleepless

A good night’s sleep is about much more than cutting off your caffeine intake after 1 pm.

While many of us strive for it, the nature of our modern lives means achieving a truly reinvigorating night’s sleep is harder than it sounds, usually reserved for chance evenings and hotel breaks.

However, these suggestions, along with ridding your room of unnecessary clutter (a big pile of clothes on a chair anyone?) can make an immediate difference to your room and your mind within it. A great night’s sleep doesn’t have to be boring!

Remember, if you have a chronic sleep problem, you may have a sleep disorder.  Speak to your physician or call Alaska Sleep Clinic to speak with one of our sleep specialists @ 907-770-9104.  You can also take our free sleep apnea quiz by simply clicking the link below.  Improve your sleep. Improve your life.


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