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Benefits Of Using Adjustable Firmness Mattress For Couples

Posted by Guest Blogger on May 26, 2020 5:06:00 AM

Using an Adjustable Firmness Mattress Helps This Couple Sleep Better.

When you wake up after a good night’s sleep, your mouth tastes bad and there’s gunk in your eyes. These are toxins that your body expels. Without proper sleep, you wake up grouchy and unable to function well because of poor detoxification. In short, how well you sleep determines your mental health, your physical safety, and your quality of life. Because many people can sleep well on a mattress of the right firmness, you can now buy a mattress with adjustable firmness. 

However, for couples who need different levels of firmness but sleep in the same bed, the solution is a hybrid mattress. This allows couples to customize the firmness of the mattress on their side of the bed according to their individual comfort level. Now, couples can share the same bed, sleep soundly, and wake up properly refreshed. 

If you want to know more about mattresses for couples that can be adjusted for individual levels of firmness, no worries. This article summarizes seven (7) key points that you will find useful. 

  • How Adjustable Firmness Mattresses Work

Mattresses designed for adjustable firmness allow users to customize their firmness at will, one for each side of the bed. Manufacturers such as Isense make adjustable firmness beds with different options, but they all provide the added advantage of customizable firmness.

  • High-Quality Foam Layers: Different foam layers located across various parts of the mattress allow for better functionality and comfort while you are sleeping or resting. The base layer, comfort layer, edge foam, and sometimes the pillow top all help the mattress to return to its initial shape every day after use.
  • Air Compartments: These are the most important parts of an adjustable firmness mattress. Typically, there are two separate air chambers in adjustable firmness mattresses but manufacturers continue to improve their designs. The air chambers Adjustable firmness Mattresses have foam layers and air compartments.allow each bed user to customize their firmness preference via a button or remote control. 
  • Support Cores: Some adjustable firmness mattresses use a spring system for adjustable firmness mattresses to provide more body support; pocket coils are the most common. Pocket coils are springs separately covered with fabric sleeves that react to pressure individually to provide better support and reduce ripple effects.
  • How Couples Benefit From Mattresses With Adjustable Firmness 

The benefits couples gain from using adjustable firmness mattresses include the following:

  • Individual Comfort: Most couples share the same beds but not the same preference for pillows and mattress firmness. With a uniform firmness mattress, it’s impossible to accommodate these differences. Adjustable firmness mattresses are the best choice to handle these differences. These mattresses allow couples to customize the firmness of each side of the bed according to the individual preference so that each one gets to sleep comfortably. 
  • Responds to Changing Sleep Needs: Individuals may have a default firmness preference for mattresses. However, this can change due to factors such as a tedious day at work, illness, weather, ambient temperature, and age. In such conditions, sleepers do rethink their firmness preference. With regular mattresses, there is not much that can be done other than a replacement. However, mattresses with adjustable firmness make it easy to fine-tune beds to suit changing needs. 
  • Increased Durability

The lifespan of most ordinary mattresses is about 10 years, although their firmness degrades over years of continual use. As the years go by, you will have to replace an old mattress. However, adjustable firmness mattresses never lose their initial firmness. You can continue to improve the firmness of your mattress by setting it higher or lower with age. At the same time, adjustable firmness mattresses have replaceable parts making them a longer-term option.

  • Improved Relaxation 

Happy couple hanging out in their bedroom.Couples do love to read, watch films, or even eat while in bed. On a regular mattress, this needs lots of pillows piled up for comfort. However, pillows are never really that effective. Adjustable firmness mattresses help couples to sit upon a firmer base. The head part of the bed can be elevated to a comfortable sitting position so that couples can enjoy their movies or books without the need for more pillow support.

  • Reduced Motion Transfer

When a couple sleeps on the same mattress, one can wake the other up due to motion transfer when one moves or changes position. The frequency of positional changes differs in individuals, but light sleepers wake from even a small movement of the other person. Fortunately, both can sleep soundly on mattresses with adjustable firmness because of the appropriate design and materials that limit motion transfer. Pocket coils and foam layers reduce motion transfer in the bed.

  • Reduced Partner Snoring

Blocked airways cause snoring. This happens when throat tissues relax and partially block the airways. The disturbing noise can also be a result of poor sleeping positions. Partners often react to the noise by nudging their partners, sometimes interrupting their sleep. Adjustable firmness mattresses provide a better solution for couples by allowing one to raise the head of the other by using a simple remote control. As a result, the partner sleeps on and the quiet elevation makes for clearer airways and reduced snoring noises.

Improved Sleep Quality

Anyone with some form of discomfort in sleep can suffer from sleep deprivation. Some effects of sleep deprivation are body pains, accidents, weight gain, forgetfulness, and even early death, to mention a few. Adjustable firmness mattresses can help and ensure the best quality of sleep. Research indicates that nine out of ten couples prefer their own firmnesses. Thus, when couples pre-set and update their bed to firmer or softer levels, they don’t lose precious sleeping time, and the quality of sleep is never compromised. 


Couples do not need to make compromises on individual comfort when selecting beds anymore. Adjustable firmness beds provide a perfect solution to the sleeping needs of all couples.

How firm or soft a mattress feels can make a lot of difference in a person’s quality of sleep. This, in turn, affects the effectiveness of natural body detoxification processes, health, mental agility, and physical safety.

Adjustable firmness mattresses are durable, can be adjusted for individual needs, can be elevated for reading or for reducing snores, and reduces disturbances from a restless sleeper to a light sleeper. People who use these hybrid beds have better sleep, healthier lives, and happier families.

Troubleshoot Your Sleep Habits

Everyone has a bad night from time to time. Working on your sleep habits can help.

Is your partner sleeping as well as you?That includes going to bed at a regular time, making your last hour of the day relaxing, keeping your bedroom restful and devoted to sleep, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bedtime.

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