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Five Bedtime Beauty Tips

Posted by Jennifer Christensen on Jun 11, 2013 3:00:00 PM

Do you wake up with puffy eyes or dark circles? You should wake up looking and feeling refreshed and like you got a good night’s sleep! Here are five bedtime rituals that will help your skin look its best upon waking (and it goes without saying that you should wash your face before bed) – these tips are for men and women:

  1. Moisturize. Moisturizing is especially important in Alaska, with our cold dry air. Consider a misting spray with essential oils, a serum, or just slather on face lotion. Include an eye cream for the sensitive skin around your eyes.
  2. Drink water. Hydration on the inside is important, too – if you’re dehydrated you’ll face will show it. Plump up your skin cells with plenty of water.
  3. Consider a humidifier. This is another important one for Alaskans, especially in the winter. Running a humidifier in your room at night will do more than keep your skin looking and feeling good – it will also help prevent chapped lips and cracked cuticles.
  4. Change your pillowcase. Consider sleeping on a silk pillowcase instead of cotton, which is easier on your skin. Regardless, make sure you’re swapping out your pillowcases often so that dirt and oil doesn’t build up on them and clog your pores.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep. Probably the most important part of looking rested is being rested! If you’re not sleeping well, you’ll face will surely show it.
If you think you aren't waking up looking and feeling like you should, give us a call!

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