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Exercise and Insomnia

Posted by Jennifer Hines

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on Apr 28, 2019 12:24:00 PM

Do you suffer from insomnia? Are you too exhausted during the day to even contemplate exercising? It’s understandable that if you’re not sleeping well, you feel too tired to work out. But studies show that as little as a brisk, 30-minute walk can have amazing affects on your sleepless nights.

exerciseExercise can significantly improve not only your quality of sleep, but the time it takes to actually fall asleep – without drugs. A 2010 study at Northwestern University showed that people who exercised regularly and brought their heart rates up to 75% max slept better and had more energy during the day compared to people who did not exercise but exerted themselves mentally (ie, through cooking classes or listening to a lecture).

If you are suffering from insomnia and want to see if physical activity will help, exercise earlier in the day; there is evidence that getting your heart rate revved up just before bedtime might keep you awake.

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