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Five Common Recurring Dreams

Posted by Jennifer Christensen on Jun 22, 2019 5:12:00 AM

Do have the same dreams over and over again? Did you know that some recurring dreams are fairly common for everyone to have? So then, what are they and what do they mean? Following are a few common recurring dreams and their potential meanings; but, remember that dream interpretation is very subjective.


  1. Teeth Falling Out. A sleep study by Jung and Freud suggested that losing teeth in a dream means the dreamer feels like they are losing power in their lives. However, it could also point to anxiety or stress as well as thoughts of transition.
  2. Flying. If you’re dreaming about flying, it’s possible that you are thinking about momentum and freedom – or a lack thereof.
  3. Being chased. Have you ever had a dream where you’re being chased but you can’t move, or you feel as though you’re moving in slow motion? You might be having this dream during REM sleep, and being unable to move is your body’s literal response, which keeps you sleeping in bed. Or it could mean that you are running from or avoiding something in life.
  4. Falling. If you have dreamed about falling, you may be experiencing a lack of support in your personal life. Others interpret falling dreams as a sign that something in your life is headed in the wrong direction.
  5. Needing to use the bathroom. Ever dreamed you had to pee, but couldn’t find the bathroom? Or when you did find the bathroom, you couldn’t go? Then you wake up to discover you actually do have to urinate. Be relieved you couldn’t go in your dream: if you did, you’d probably have wet the bed!

Did we leave any recurring dreams of the list? What do you dream about?

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