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Sleep Tips for College Students

Posted by Jennifer Christensen on Jul 22, 2013 4:56:00 PM

Adolescents typically need eight to nine hours of sleep every night, but studies have shown that they a typical college student gets closer to six hours. Here are a few tips for college students to improve their sleep habits.

-Get earplugs. They’re cheap and easy - Residence halls and roommates can be noisy.

-Lower your stress. Try accomplishing a project or something (no matter how small) before bed; it could help you feel less stressed and more accomplished.

-Regular exercise. 30 minutes a day of exercise will help, but avoid getting your workout in right before bed.Avoid late night food and alcohol, but also don’t go to bed hungry.

-Avoid caffeine after 2pm. Try juice or water instead.

-Don’t use electronics like tablets, smartphone, or laptops late at night. The light and content will stimulate your brain, making it more difficult to fall asleep.

-Use your bed just for sleeping. Don’t study, watch TV, or do anything else there.

-If you have an early class occasionally, don’t sleep in on the other days. Having a schedule will make it easier to get up every day.

-Avoid naps after 3pm, or that are longer than 20 minutes. Otherwise it could keep you up at night.

-Try to keep your room dark. If your roommate is up writing a paper, ask them to use a lamp instead of the overhead light. Or invest in a sleep mask.

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