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Is your sheet-stealing snoring partner keeping you up at night?

Posted by Jennifer Christensen on Aug 2, 2013 2:23:00 PM


Is your sheet-stealing snoring partner keeping you up at night?

Before moving to the spare bedroom - or if sleeping somewhere else just isn’t an option, try these 5 tips for a better night sleep together.


  • If they snore, try using earplugs and asking them to sleep on their side.
  • Get two blankets rather than sharing one. This will help control temperature without affecting the other person, and you wont fight over the blankets. 
  • If one likes low light or enjoys staying up reading, have the other try an eye mask.
  • Try to synchronize your schedules. This will help you both get the rest your need without disturbing the other. 
  • If one of you is a night owl - or stays out late occasionally, have your partner get ready for bed in another room as to not disturb you while you sleep. 

 People have different sleep styles, and finding a way that works for both of you is key to getting the sleep you both need.

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