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Is caffeine affecting your sleep?

Posted by Jennifer Christensen on Jun 15, 2021 11:22:59 AM


Caffeine is the most popular drug in the world, and is found in many different plants and is commonly found in many different drinks and medicines; so we likely consume caffeine on a daily basis - and aren’t even aware of it. Caffeine is amazing if you need that boost of energy to help you kick start your morning. There are  many health benefits of this beverage; but can it affect you negatively?

Too much caffeine can:

  • While Caffeine is a wonderful thing to have, it is important to moderate the amount of caffeine consumed in a day to ensure that you get the sleep you need. cause insomnia

  • cause headaches or dizziness

  • cause irritability

  • cause anxiety

  • cause you to be jittery

  • cause sleep disturbances 

  • reduce fine motor skills and coordination

  • keep you up at night, causing you to be tired the next morning

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