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Bohemian Bedroom Ideas for Freshening Your Soul and Body

Posted by Sophia Smith on Oct 12, 2021 2:47:00 PM

Two ladies making their bed.

Ensuring the right amount of sleep each night is crucial to optimal performance and functioning of our mind and body. How much sleep we get is in direct correlation with our physical and mental well-being, so it’s important that we do everything we can to get the rest we need. The best place to start would be to create a relaxing sleep environment that will promote positivity, serenity, and mindfulness, and this is exactly why you should consider decorating your bedroom in bohemian style.

Not only is this design style perfect for telling your own story and highlighting your uniqueness, but it also has this laid-back vibe that’s ultra-relaxing – exactly what you want your private oasis to look and feel like. If you’d love to bring out the boho spirit in your bedroom but need some inspiration, here are five bohemian bedroom ideas for freshening your soul and body.

Dress your bed for both sleeping and lounging.

Starting with the star of the bedroom, the bed is the ultimate place for relaxation and unwinding after a long day. This is why you want to put in some extra thought when decorating this particularly important part of your boho bedroom.

Set the stage with a bed frame made of natural materials, and continue to add elements that will make it look more comfortable and inviting. Reach for warm and cozy textiles in earthy shades to keep you nice and toasty, and pile on pillows with different patterns and textures to add visual interest. This will help you dress your bed so that it’s equally enjoyable whether you simply want to lounge around or get some deep, restorative sleep.

Bring in natural design elements to foster better sleep.Bring in natural design elements to foster better sleep

There’s no doubt that surrounding yourself with natural elements can have a positive impact on your mind, body, and soul. Natural elements feel warm, welcoming, and relaxing, and those qualities make them the perfect add-ons for your bedroom. Furniture and accessories made from natural materials such as wood, rattan, linen, leather, and cotton are staples of bohemian decor, so aim to incorporate as many of these as you can. For some extra boho flair, incorporate details with fringes, lace, and knits, and stick with pieces that are vintage or handmade.

Walking into a nature-inspired, down-to-earth environment will have a calming effect on the brain. This, in turn, will promote relaxation and foster better sleep, allowing you to maximize your sleep environment and catch high-quality Zzs each night.

Incorporate relaxing hues that calm the mind.

Colors are a great tool for expressing your personality and infusing your space with character. Since this is your bedroom we’re talking about, it’s best that you keep your palette light and bright. Neutrals are well-known for the calming effect they have on the mind and body, so they’re often the most popular bedroom color choice. They set the base for every other element, and they’re very versatile.

However, don’t feel like beige and white are your only options. In fact, pastels can be equally effective in creating gorgeous and relaxing bohemian bedrooms. Bring in cozy vibes into your private oasis with beautiful soft pink rugs and rely on peach, baby blue, and mint green hues to add soft pastel accents, be it through curtains, wallpaper, or bedding. Not only will pastel decor soften your boho bedroom look, but it’ll also add pops of color, creating a harmonious setting that freshens the body and soul.

Add plenty of plants to the mix.

We already talked about inviting nature inside by infusing your bedroom with natural elements, but if you want to take your nature-inspired interior to another level, be sure to add plenty of plants to the mix. Incorporating greenery into your boho bedroom isn’t only a relatively inexpensive way to create a calming environment that feels fresh and lively. It’s also the perfect way to boost your indoor air quality (IAQ).

From Gerbera daisies to spider plants to English ivy, the houseplants’ air-purifying properties help remove toxins from the air and create a pollutant-free zone in your bedroom. This, in turn, helps improve sleep quality, which is vital to our overall health and wellness.

Rely on soft lighting to create the perfect, relaxing ambiance.

Last but not least, another important design element to consider when designing a perfectly relaxing bohemian bedroom is the lighting. Natural lighting is something we need to thrive and something you should strive to incorporate more of, but the kind of lighting you use when the sun goes down is equally important for your health, wellness, and quality of sleep.

From candles and lanterns to vintage lampshades that diffuse light, bohemian bedroom lighting is all about soft, flickering, and indirect light that feels calm and serene. Not only is soft bedroom lighting ideal for creating a relaxing ambiance, but it also makes the transition from awake mode to relaxed sleep mode much smoother.

Wrapping up

Cozy, colorful, and rich in textures – it’s easy to see why bohemian style sets many a heart aflutter. Because this style is so versatile, there’s no shortage of stunning ideas to inspire your next bedroom makeover. By focusing your decoration efforts on boho elements that foster an ideal sleep environment, you’ll be nailing down this relaxing, down-to-earth aesthetic while also getting the perfectly serene space for getting a good night’s sleep.

Sleep hygiene is a combination of habits and changes that can lead to better sleep and a better overall life.  Making your bedroom a sanctuary is the first step.   Then, call and speak with one of our board-certified sleep specialists at the  Alaska Sleep Clinic.

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