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Can a Doctor Help you Stop Snoring?

Posted by Evelina Brown on Oct 6, 2021 1:36:06 PM

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The medical field is constantly changing and evolving. There are different innovations being developed and discovered that help improves the provision of health care. One of which is the healthcare scheduling software. Different types of healthcare scheduling software make the management and automation of medical practices easier and faster.

What is healthcare scheduling software?

A healthcare scheduling software is a platform that helps both healthcare providers and patients in the administration of health services. It could be accessed through a web portal or in some cases through mobile devices that allow healthcare providers to communicate with their patients in an easy and seamless way. It also helps to lessen the time a doctor of health care spends in communicating with patients for their scheduled check-ups, laboratory requirements, and consultations.

RevenueXL, lists down different functions of a healthcare scheduling software as follows.

  • Automatic system that schedules availability of the healthcare provided
  • Appointment tracking of patients
  • Appointment reminders that are sent to patients prior to their appointments
  • Tracking of appointments for patient record and better monitoring
  • Provide a platform to patients where they can access their records and customize their appointments based on their availability

This technology is helpful as it allows patients to save time in communicating with their doctors and hospitals for check-ups and appointments. These different scheduling platforms can also help healthcare providers avoid profit loss due to canceled and no-show appointments.

Additionally, patients can also access their billing statements using these types of software. New patients may also complete the registration process using their personal computers and, in some cases, their smartphones.

Providers of this software usually also include a feature that can allow the patient to communicate with their hospital or healthcare provider via chat.

On top of the known benefits of this platform to patients, they also provide great help to doctors and healthcare providers as they can organize their schedule in just one click or swipe. They can also better manage and utilize their time given that patient appointments and services they have to perform or deliver are organized.


What causes snoring

A common problem experienced by nearly everyone is snoring. This is characterized by a noisy way of breathing while sleeping. In most cases, snoring is an indicator of a pre-existing health condition. Snoring happens when the airflow going to the mouth and nose is blocked during sleeping. According to the National Sleep Foundation, there are different factors that cause a person to snore.

Aged people tend to snore more as their muscle tone decreases and then causes the airways to constrict

Alcohol and sedatives that relax muscles can also contribute to constraining the flow of air in the mouth, nose, and throat

The structure of a person’s palate, enlarged adenoids, tonsils, a deviated septum or displaced nose cartilage, and a large tongue are also factors that restrict airflow through the nose and mouth.

There were also studies that found a link between snoring and genetics. This is because the structure of a person’s anatomy is inherited from their parents.

Overweight and obese individuals are also more likely to snore and have sleep problems

A person’s sleeping position is also a contributing factor to snoring

What are the different ways to diagnose snoring?

Aside from observations made by partners, children with their parents, or vice-versa, doctors also perform physical exams and inquire of their patient’s medical history to diagnose a patient’s condition. In some cases, they may also run different tests in order to check the passageway of air to see if there are any issues. Some doctors also perform sleep studies that aim to monitor information such as blood oxygen level, heart rate, breathing rate, sleep stages, and bodily movements while the patient is sleeping.

Can a doctor help you stop snoring?

The answer is yes. There have been a lot of studies on how snoring can be lessened and eliminated. Some of which involve lifestyle changes while others require medical procedures.

The most straightforward way to stop snoring is by maintaining a healthy weight. The Sleep Foundation also mentions that being overweight or obese are risk factors for snoring and even sleep apnea.

The controlled and minimal consumption of alcohol and sedatives is also a way to prevent snoring. Another tip to prevent or lessen snoring is by finding a sleep position that will avoid obstructing the airways. Raising the head of the bed is also a solution as this elevates the head and allows air to flow properly through the passages. There are also anti-snoring mouthpieces available in the market. These devices position the tongue and the jaw in a way that they do not block the airway while sleeping. Lastly, if snoring cannot be eliminated through lifestyle changes, doctors resort to surgery. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is the process of removing tissues in order for the airway to become wider.

If you live in Alaska and are suffering from snoring,  request a free 10-minute phone consolation with the Alaska Sleep Clinic's sleep experts and schedule a sleep study.



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