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Can Your Dreams Improve Your Writing?

Posted by Lilian Chifley on Apr 14, 2019 1:04:00 PM

If you are a writer, you have experienced a lack of creativity. You have been through those hard times when you had to write, and you did not know what.

Well, this happens to all of us. It does not matter if you are a writer, a musician or a designer. All jobs that require creativity have moments of lack of creativity.

So, what can you do? How can you increase your creativity level? How can you improve your writing skills? How can you overcome those moments when you do not know what to write?

There are a lot of exercises that can boost your creativity level. But, there is an even simpler way. Have you thought about analyzing your dreams?

 Well, this is what humans have done for centuries. They tried to understand what are dreams and what they reflect. They tried to understand why we have nightmares or happy dreams.

But, the question is: can your dreams improve your writing? Let’s find out!dream


What Are Dreams?

We all know that dreams usually happen in certain stages of sleep, like REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. They can often be so surreal, so full of magic.

They can show beautiful sceneries or peaceful moments. But, they can also turn into nightmares. Either way, dreams show us a different world. The show us different colors and different perspectives.

Most humans have about three to five dreams per night. There are people who can have up to seven dreams per night. The length of a dream may vary from 20-30 seconds to 30 minutes per dream.

Of course, we have all noticed that we cannot remember most of our dreams.

How Can We Use Them?

dream1Studies show that we have higher possibilities of remembering what we have dreamt if we are awakened during the REM stage of sleep.

There are vivid and full of life dreams that we often forget. There are successions of images, of ideas and faces in our dreams. There are conversations or just silence.

Either way, dreams represent a source of inspiration for artists and not only. The vivid colors, the ideas that we meet in our sleep can be impulses for increasing creativity.

Sigmund Freud founded Psychoanalysis, a paradigm that concentrates on dream interpretation. Freud says that our dreams represent our deepest desires and anxieties. They also portrait memories or obsessions formed in childhood.

Of course, not all of Freud’s presumptions are validated nowadays. In our modern era, dreams make the connection of our unconscious mind with the conscious one.

Dreams can have various themes, some of which can inspire us to write more vivid and amazing stories.

The easiest way to gain more access to your dreams is by using a dream diary. Right after you wake up, you can write down what you have dreamt.

You will not be remembering all the details, but only a few. However, these dream details will be more than enough to excite your imagination.

After that, you can use the help of writing services to edit your ideas. Genuine essay writing service or rush my essay are ones of the best services that can help you with editing your dream ideas.

They will work with you and the best part is that they will help you increase your level of creativity.


Can Dreams Really Improve Writing?

Well, studies say that it is possible to use your dreams to improve your artistic skills, in this case, the writing ones. Various artists have used different methods to increase the use of their dreams.

For example, Salvador Dali was always falling asleep with a heavy object in his hand. He was doing this on purpose. When he was entering the REM stage of sleep, the muscles of his hand relaxed and the heavy and loud object fell on the ground, waking him.

So, he managed to wake himself up right at the beginning of his dreams. That is the moment when his mind registered all the details of the beginning of the dream.dream2

It was the moment of maximum creativity and used it to paint various amazing paintings, like The Persistence of Memory.

The base for creative writing is represented by creativity. Even if in time of drought of creativity, services like custom research papers or custom essay writing can help you adapt your stories and edit them.

Of course, it is normal to lack creativity and imagination sometimes. And it is normal to use the help of professional writing services.

If you find the best method to register your dreams, no matter they are happy dreams or nightmares, dreams can really improve your creative writing.

They can provide you with such beautiful ideas that you can use in your stories.



Can really dreams improve your writing? In fact, they do. Dreams are represented by a vivid succession of images, ideas or conversations.

They can only provide you with insight into your mind and your creativity. And how could you write a story if you do not have ideas?

Of course, not every dream is as easy to understand as it seems. But you can use the help of a thesis writing service that can help you shape your ideas.

So, what are you waiting for? Use your dreams to your advantage.

Of course, if you cannot enjoy your dreams because of chronic sleep apnea, contact Alaska Sleep Clinic today for your free sleep assessment with one of our board-certified sleep specialists. 

Improve Your Sleep. Improve Your Life.

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