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Difficulty Falling Asleep, Insomnia and Solutions

Posted by Fletcher Kennith on Sep 14, 2019 11:32:00 AM

Whether you’ve spent a lifetime or the last few weeks trying hard to get some shuteye, but can’t, you’ve come to the right place to inquire for ways to get some sleep. Most people in their lifetimes have experimented the restlessness and the uncomfortable sensation of being so far from something that is so close.

Humans and most living things need rest.

On the perspective of survival of the fittest and evolution sleeping is a question that has dumbfounded the minds of scientists for decades. Unwillingly leaving your body in a state of vulnerability isn’t the smartest thing to do.

However, many animals manage this issue by finding shelter high on trees or below the ground. Other animals have keen senses that are alert and many others simply don’t sleep.


Humans will be humans though, and are more vulnerable to their environment and even their own kind when they sleep. The reason we sleep though isn’t one we’re completely aware of yet.

There are many theories as to why we sleep and why sleep is important. For starters, people that don’t sleep will either become cranky and annoyed with ease at mostly anything.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Sleep is important because for some reason energy is replenished in the body when our CPU shuts down for a medium of 8 hours. We sleep at night because of the way our bodies are made and work. Since we aren’t very well equipped for night life hunting or activities our circadian rhythms are adapted to liberate a chemical known as melanin at night time to help us fall asleep.

Our bodies naturally just shut down for our own good. Another reason for these shut downs are growth reasons. Ever wonder why you slept more as a child and less as an adult? Normally babies sleep a lot more than 8 hours a day and children slightly less so.

Scientists believe that part of the reason for this is that the chemicals for growth are released as we sleep. This way a child that sleeps their natural 8 hours a day versus a child that doesn't, there may be a considerable difference in growth when all other variables are accounted for.

It's Great for the Body

We lose weight and become taller when we wake up in comparison to when we go to sleep. Our body loses part of its body mass in its daily hibernation routine but it is an insignificant amount of weight. It has also been demonstrated that we have cushions of sorts in our shoulders that flatten throughout the day and by consequence make us look shorter by the end of the day.

It's Great for the Brain

Sleep also plays a great role in the way our brain and intelligence grows. Our brains use the time we sleep as a method to save information in the long-term memory. It also uses this precious time of day to ”delete” so to speak any unnecessary memories you collected throughout the day. This is a great method our brains use to deal with any overload we might encounter.

The Downfall of Zero Sleep

Insomnia forces people to roll in their beds constantly, longing for a morsel of rest. In the United States there are at least 3 million recorded cases of insomnia that occur every year. A short definition for it is the inability or complication of falling asleep and remaining asleep. Many people encounter it and despite remaining more than 8 hours on a bed a night will experiment exhaustion the next day.

Young family taking a nap together

Certain medications, bad sleeping habits, stressful situations, diseases and other psychosomatic factors cause insomnia.These factors can drain a human not just consciously but subconsciously. While it is not a curable ailment it is treatable to the point you can sleep better than people that don’t suffer from insomnia.

If your issue is your medication and you’ve asserted that conclusion then speak to your MD about a change of medication and prescription. If the change in medication will bring about more problems than solutions, read on as you may find some of these following sleeping tips useful.

Natural Sleep Remedies

and aromatherapy can be excellent alternatives to work into your daily routine to catch a goodnight’s sleep. There are many herbs and concoctions you can brew up and use in the comfort of your home that can help you and my all time favorite is the chamomile tea.

If you feel like the tea didn’t do much effect I recommend taking a relaxing bath with some lavender. It will not only work wonders on your skin but will prep you for your date with your bed as well.

Smells and substances are not the only elements that fascinate humans when it comes to sleeping. We have many senses to please and I can personally vouch for the sense of audition when it comes to sleeping. If you can manage to get past all the electronic and subliminal hurdles you might find exactly what you need to fall asleep.

For the most part people enjoy the sound of falling water and calm streams. I find it quite relaxing to play kalimba sounds over the sound of white noise as I reach the moment of rest. But rest assured there is more than one way to use sound to aid you in your quest to fall asleep.

Sleeping a room away from the main road will help, buying ear muffs and so on. The lack as well as the presence of sound may help you depending on your personality.

Sometimes all your brain needs to doze off is giving it a menial boring task to accomplish before or during the minutes prior to falling asleep. Read a boring book or a dictionary, do your homework and find that if you can’t fall asleep you will have at least accomplished something with the lost sleeping time.

Sleeping is a precious resource to everybody, human and not. If you’ve had more trouble in being able to fall asleep or staying asleep make sure you contact your doctor and ask him or her further about your condition and ways you can cope with it. I hope these tips and info have been of your nourishment and aid you as you try to go to bed tonight.

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About the Author: Fletcher Kennith is a writer at Essay4Students website. He is also a blogger and entrepreneur. Writing is his passion, covering stories about lifestyle and health.

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