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Health Benefits of Cleaning

Posted by Joseph Hosch on Jul 22, 2021 5:33:00 AM

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Maintaining your home in a clean, tidy, and organized state will automatically give peace of mind, less stress, and a bunch of more benefits than you can imagine. While staying in a clean environment may be this important, not all of us are putting in the necessary efforts to ensure our homes are always clean. If you want your mental and physical health to always be on top, consider keeping your home clean. This and other benefits are what this article is all about. You will learn the top five benefits of keeping your home clean and organized.

Not everyone is into the art of cleaning unless they are pushed into it. However, after learning the benefits of maintaining a clean environment in your home, you will feel motivated to take up the task as frequently as every weekend. Besides, if you are staying home, you can reach out to Property Services Management to help in maintaining managing your home perfectly. This could help you learn the following benefits of cleaning:

  1. Cleaning Helps in Stress Management

You walk into an untidy and messy room, and the first reaction is that you feel stressed about fixing the situation. This can happen in your home if you neglect your spaces for long without inspecting and rearranging furniture and other stuff. Studies reveal that you are more likely to feel stressed and tire pretty often when your home is messy and cluttered. This is true because, in a messy house, it becomes difficult and nearly impossible to find what you want, especially if it is urgent. The mess and clutter in your home will constantly remind you of the chores and tasks you are neglecting. As a result, you will always feel frustrated and stressed unless you decide to take the needed action.

The only way you can escape the trap of being constantly stressed in cleaning and rearranging your house regularly. As much as these cleaning habits reduce the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are also minimizing the spread of germs that cause flu and other food-borne diseases. This has a significant impact on your general health and that of your family. They wake up in a clean environment, making them feel safe and adding to their peace of mind.

  1. Cleaning Keeps You Active

Cleaning is one form of workout, especially if you have to clean your living room, other rooms in your house, and the area outside your home. Scrubbing the floor and the different regions of your kitchen for about an hour will undoubtedly leave you with aching muscles. Moreover, you are likely to burn down some calories when you regularly indulge in serious cleaning in your house. The following is a simple breakdown of the number of calories you burn every hour you clean your home:

  • Mopping and sweeping for one hour will leave you with 240 calories less.
  • Bathroom scrubbing will cost you 360 calories per hour.
  • You will burn 320 calories per hour when hand-washing your dishes.
  • While vacuuming, about 170 calories will be burnt every hour.
  • Laundry will help you burn down 150 calories every one hour.

If you compare these numbers with those in weight lifting, you will burn an average of 250 calories every hour when you are weight lifting. This means you will likely become fitter and healthier when you involve yourself in regular house cleaning. In line with this, studies show that you are more likely to exercise if you take time to give your home proper cleaning. This means you are likely to set and meet all your goals and tasks, such as ensuring you clean your house every weekend.

You are also likely to eat more junk food and sweets in a chaotic environment. According to studies, this is further shown that maintaining cleanliness and staying in organized surroundings can lead you to make much healthier choices.

  1. Cleaning Reduces the Spread of Germs

Staying at home for the last few months has probably made you learn and follow the various cleaning procedures suggested by the government and health organizations. These include regular cleaning of your environment, including your house, to curb the spread of COVID-19. Other measures include cleaning and disinfecting all high-touch areas, such as sinks and faucets, counters, doorknobs, keyboards, toilets, desks, handles, and phones.

As much as these cleaning habits reduce the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are also minimizing the spread of germs that cause flu and other food-borne diseases. This has a significant impact on your general health and that of your family.

You may have noticed the importance of regularly cleaning your bathrooms. However, your kitchen could be the manufacture of many illnesses from germs and allergens. According to studies, this is further shown that the appliances and tools you use in your kitchen are more vulnerable to germs. Therefore, if you are not already cleaning the high-touch surfaces in your kitchen, you need professional guidance on the best ways to clean and sanitize your kitchen regularly.


  1. Cleaning Keeps Off Irritants

You may have noticed perfectly how home cleaning companies offer their cleaning and repair services when contacted. Moreover, if you have learned to incorporate the same cleaning steps and tricks in your home in the last few months, you eliminate asthma and allergy irritants from your home for good.

You are helping yourself and the entire family stays healthy breathing clean air easily when you regularly disinfect all high-touch surfaces. Also, the same goes if you are keeping all other areas clean, including the rooms in your house and around the home. Irritants such as pet dander, mold, and dust will usually settle in untidy regions of your house. They will then trigger several health hazards, asthma and allergies being the most common. Therefore, regular cleaning involving vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, washing sheets, and cleaning your upholstery will help keep these and other allergies away.

Another attraction of these allergens is rooms full of furniture and other clutter, which gathers mold and dust. You can minimize this collection of dust by regular spring cleaning. This could be accomplished by cleaning a small area of your house every day for about 15 to 30 minutes. When you clear out some of the clutter in your home, it makes you stay more organized, with a significant impact on your family's overall physical and mental health.

  1. Better Sleep

You will likely sleep better when all the frustrations and stress are dealt with by having your home always clean and organized. When you notice your house all clean and tidy, anxieties over any neglected tasks and chores are washed off, leaving your mind relaxed. Hence, you will drift to sleep much more effortlessly.



Bottom Line

Ensure to always stay healthy by regularly cleaning your house, home, as well as your hands with adequate water and soap. You can use alcohol-based sanitizers for your hands if you do have the necessary soap and water. Maintaining a clean house and entire home, as well as washing your hands, is one essential step of ensuring you and those around you are always healthy. This is primarily during pandemics, as it significantly reduces the spread of viruses and bacteria. If you cannot effectively clean your home, you can always hire home cleaning services to do the work for you, relieving the stress and frustrations of staying in a messy and cluttered environment. For some, their sleep problems go beyond any small home adjustments.  You don't have to battle lack of sleep alone.  call Alaska Sleep clinic today @ 907-420-0540 to speak with one of our board-certified sleep specialists.  Improve Your Sleep.  Improve Your Life.

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