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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Spirits Up During the Holiday Season

Posted by Linda Gimmeson on Dec 21, 2020 11:52:44 AM

It's easy to be stressed during the holidays.

While the holidays are a perfect time to slow down and enjoy the company of family and friends, it can also be exhausting for some. Between family obligations, endless shopping, and all types of last-minute tasks, the holidays can be more stressful than fun for many. While this is true, there are some tips you can use to help keep up your energy and spirits. Keep reading to learn what these tips are.

Avoid Binging

While Santa may be able to eat all the cookies – from all around the world – yours does not. If you eat a large meal, blood will leave the remainder of your body to help break down and digest the food you have consumed. This can leave you feeling sluggish and slow. You can avoid finding yourself in this type of festive food coma if you stick to a standard-sized plate when eating during the holidays. To help perk yourself up after a big meal, consider adding the right supplements, too. You can read Energy Renew reviews to see what this product offers.

Limit the Amount of Sugar You Consume

While eating all the sugar may seem like a great way to get a quick pick-me-up, you will find that the energy provided by sugar does not last. Overeating sugar at one time can provide you with an energetic high that is followed by a massive crash. Avoid reaching for more and more during dessert. When your sweet tooth does appear, be sure to combine your sugary foods with plenty of protein, fat, and fiber. This helps to reduce the likelihood that all the sugar will be released into your bloodstream at one time.

Combine Chocolate and Coffee

While this does not give you a pass to go crazy, these two products are naturally caffeinated. It means they can help give you a much-needed pick-me-up when you are dealing with low energy or even a bad mood. The right combo of coffee and chocolate can help you stay awake and alert for all your holiday festivities. However, just make sure you don’t over-indulge.

Avoid Eating Later at Night

While the holiday parties you plan to attend may last into the early morning hours, this is no reason for you to consume an entire piece of pie at midnight. If you eat too late at night, it can cause fatigue the following day. A good strategy is to stick with a regular meal schedule and eat a healthy meal before a party. Also, avoid eating at night. A good rule of thumb is to stop eating approximately one hour before you plan to go to bed.

Eat More Complex Carbs

Even though the simple carbs that are found in refined foods, such as candy and cookies, provide those spikes and dips and energy, complex carbs offer you sustained energy. Try to add plenty of whole grains, starchy vegetables, and legumes to your meal plan this holiday season.

Avoid Blaming Everything on Alcohol

Hangovers can be funny on TV and in the movies; however, you may find it virtually impossible to function if you face this issue after a holiday party. A hangover can lead to fatigue, headaches, nausea, and more. Try to limit your alcohol intake to just one or two drinks a night. Remember, there are other ways to enjoy a party and have fun.

Get Plenty of Sleep

When it comes to beating exhaustion, sleep is the best cure. However, when the holidays come around, this may be the last thing on your mind. Between cooking, shopping, and other holiday duties, you may find it challenging to get the sleep you need. Even on the weekends and while you are on vacation, make sure that you stick to a regular sleep and wake schedule. It would help if you did not stay up all night – it is going to impact your ability to stay awake and feel good during the day.

Spend Some of Your Time Alone

While you may only see a few of your relatives once a year, your family obligations do not have to take over your life during the holiday season. Be sure to schedule a bit of alone time each day. This may mean going window shopping, reading, or just going for a walk.

Stay Active

During the holidays, health is often the first thing that seems to go. However, try to do everything you can to keep this from happening. Besides helping to relieve holiday-related stress, exercising can also give you much more energy during the day when you may feel exhausted.

Light Is Your Friend

While this is the season to be jolly, winter is also a time when seasonal disorders may occur. This can lead to fatigue, weight gain, and depression. Hiding away in your warm and comfortable house can also lead to a vitamin D deficiency. This is something else that has been linked to sleepiness during the day. You can bet the blues if you take time to go outside – even when it is not sunny – or consult your doctor to figure out if you should try light therapy.

Play More Music

Music can help to raise your spirits almost instantly. You don’t have to listen to holiday music. Just choose something you like, and you will likely feel your anxiety and stress begin to melt away.

Wear an Ugly Sweater

While this may seem like a somewhat odd request, studies have proven that it can cause your energy levels to fall significantly if you are cold. You can perk up by grabbing a cup of coffee or cocoa and wearing some festive and fun outwear. Warming your body up can give you the energy needed to make it through the day.

Exercise with Your Family

Your family can be a huge source of stress during the holidays. However, if you sweat together, you will find that everyone you are around is much more tolerable. Also, a joint sweat session will help everyone do something together, provide a surge of energy, and make the holidays more bearable overall.

There are more than a few things you can do when it comes to staying energized this holiday season. With the tips here, you will find your stay in a better mood and that you don’t become overwhelmed with your family who just wants to be with the people they love. Being informed and knowing what to do during the holidays to reduce cases of the blues will help ensure that you make the most of this joyous time of the year. Don’t just make it through – enjoy the holiday season with the tips above.

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