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How a Tub Pillow Will Aid Your Sleep

Posted by Jennifer Hines

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on Nov 30, 2021 5:57:05 AM

Woman relaxing before bed in the bath with her bath pillow.

After you get home from a tiring day at work, the first thing that comes to your mind is to go to bed, rest, and forget all the day's stress. However, it would help if you didn't rush to sleep. Taking a hot bath could help you to get quality sleep. While a hot bath is much helpful, you need to ensure you're as comfortable in the bath as possible to get maximum benefits from your bath. This is where a bathtub pillow comes in. By getting a first-class pillow-like Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow, you will have a great bathing experience. Mentioned in this content are the top benefits of using a bath pillow before going to sleep.


Ease Tight Neck

You have leaned on your computer, smartphone, or tablet for many hours, and your neck feels tight. No one wants to go to bed with neck pains. Among the best remedies is a hot bath. However, placing your neck on the edge of the tub could make matters even worse. It'd help if you rest your shoulders, head, and neck on something, and a pillow is the best choice. A bathtub cushion could assist you in becoming more comfortable and give you a more soothing bath experience. Use a quality product like Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow - Supports Head, Neck, and Back in Tub and forget tight neck issues. Taking care of neck pains will help you sleep without turning many times hence getting quality sleep.



Pillows provide comfort to an individual who’s using a bathtub or sleeping. Bathtub pillows can be put in various positions from the neck, legs, and back. Some cushions are designed for the whole body. After experiencing lots of discomfort during work, you need to get comfortable as you prepare to go to bed. Good pillows such as Everlasting Comfort have an ergonomic design to provide the required cushioning and relaxing comfort. Besides, these cushions have breathable mesh to make sure that air flows throughout so that water and sweat will not build up. The cushions can also have a headrest.



Soaking yourself in warm water with your chosen wash bomb and perfumed flavored essential; oils can help decrease stress and muscle soreness, allowing incredible relaxation. It would be more helpful if you used a bathtub pillow. A great pillow such as Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow - Supports Head, Neck and Back in Tub - Bathtub Cushion will ensure your neck, shoulders, and the head gets maximum comfort. This way, you’ll lessen tension and blood pressure levels, which is crucial for quality sleep.


Creating A Spa Experience And Bathing For Long

Nothing is as deluxe as going to a spa. Nonetheless, you can create a spa experience in your home. A bath cushion is crucial in achieving this. Add candles and your preferred bath bombs for maximum effect. If you cannot get comfortable in the bath, likely, you will not stay in the hot ware for long. A bath pillow will enable you to remain in the bathtub for as long as you want. This way, you get all its therapeutic benefits, significantly improving overall sleep efficiency.

Bathtub pillows are fundamental to providing comfort and the correct body alignment—many pillows such as Everlasting Comfort contour to the body parts that require support. After you read the above points, you’ll be sufficiently convinced about getting a bathtub pillow, and using it after a long day will give you quality sleep.

When You Can’t Sleep

Some nights, quality rest feels impossible to come by. When that happens, it’s important not to stay in bed tossing and turning. Frustration over sleeplessness could lead you to develop anxiety around the bedroom. Instead, go to another room and do something relaxing until you feel sleepy. Don’t use electronics, as the blue light from screens disrupts circadian rhythms.

If poor sleep or insomnia is an ongoing issue, keep a sleep diary. A sleep diary can help you identify habits that are interfering with your sleep, like drinking caffeine in the afternoon or eating certain foods at dinner time.

Download The Sleep Diary

Sometimes, the cause of poor sleep is medical. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. Untreated sleep apnea prevents deep, restful sleep and increases the risk of other health problems. Snoring is a common sign of sleep apnea.

Along with diet and exercise, quality sleep is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. If you’re practicing good sleep hygiene and still struggling with nighttime restlessness or daytime fatigue, it’s time to talk to a healthcare professional.

Chronic sleep problems may be a sign of an underlying health condition, and the sooner you get help, the sooner you can start enjoying quality rest.

If you think you have sleep apnea, contact Alaska Sleep Clinic for your free sleep assessment at any of our four sleep clinics in Alaska: Anchorage, Wasilla, Fairbanks and Soldotna.

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