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How Organic Bedding Can Improve Your Sleep Quality?

Posted by Allison Staley on Jan 25, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Orgnic bedroom.People are fast coming to the knowledge of the several benefits of natural and organic products.

Their advantage in ensuring the environment is protected is top on the list of several users.

It is more amazing to know that organic fabrics now exist. Many of these fabrics are now used in the production of organic bedding, which is absolutely adored. While these beddings usually look great, they are not adored just for their beauty or ecological advantages, but also for their ability to help you get a good dose of rest every night you make use of them.

The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overemphasized. Productivity would never be a problem if many people got a quality dose of rest. The quality of your sleep is never in the number of hours, but in how well you feel rested in the course of those hours. You may hardly notice, but your room’s setup, lighting, mattress and of course, your bedding would go a long way in determining how well you’ll sleep.

However, many ignore the importance of great bedding. You may be wondering how bedding (especially organic) can make your sleep quality better, so we have explained in detail how so:

They are Pesticide Free

Usually, organic beddings are made with the intent of making it as safe as possible for humans and the entire planet. This is why the cotton plants for the beddings are usually grown without using pesticides (chemicals used to destroy insects/pests).

This is because traces of these chemicals are usually found on non-organic sheets, and the aim here is to avoid such instances, which are not exactly safe.


In addition to being free of pesticides, it is also interesting to know that these beddings are bleach and pigment-free and more importantly, hypoallergenic. This means that they are unlikely to cause allergic reactions—a great advantage to individuals with skin sensitivity to certain chemicals.

Chemicals are usually avoided in the production process. Hence, it is safe to say that they do not have the metals commonly present in dyes that help in the addition of color to bedding. Many users have been found to react to these metals.

The bed is a place of rest and comfort. We all like it there. Hence, whatever gives direct contact to our skin while we lie in bed must be healthy and be beneficial in promoting wellness. They are also great for asthmatics. Babies and children have more sensitive skin and these beddings will also benefit them the most.


It Will Soothe The Skin

While still on how much organic bedding is helpful for individuals with sensitive skin, if you are a skin enthusiast, get in here.

Asides the general desire for smooth skin, some people take skincare on a totally different and delicate level. If you are one of these people, then you should actively shop for organic bedding. Its contribution to maintaining your amazing skin will please you a lot.

Organic cotton material is skin-friendly and it will literally get you smiling about your skin while you’re in bed. If you have a newborn and you are particular about their skin, then shop only organic cotton for their bedding.


Temperature Control

The fact that a bedding is organic encourages air circulation and ventilation that takes away body moisture by absorbing them. Organic cotton fibers precisely take moisture of up to 20% of their weight before they become significantly damp. This moisture evaporates to the surrounding, hence, keeping your body cool as you sleep. Since they can take up moisture, warming you up in cold weather is also never a problem.


Greater Comfort While You Sleep

Organic bedding is just generally better on the skin. The fabric hardly has contact with famous harsh chemicals in fabric production, making it noticeably soft. Even with regular washing, the fabric never hardens. This results in great comfort for its users.

It’s a no-brainer—soft, non-toxic bedding definitely makes one feel better.

However, you may already have organic bedding. You may be looking to take your sleep quality to the next level. If this describes you, then organic latex might be the right material for you.

Natural Durability

They are very durable, so you don’t have to go to sleep worrying that the comfort your bedding gives is only short-lived. It is also non-biodegradable, so you can have no fears while you sleep soundly.

Man sleeping peacefully at home in his bedConclusion

Organic bedding essentially makes you get a great and better-improved sleep quality since you feel comfortable and clean. Hence, you can be recharged for each new day, while knowing your bedding also does well for the planet.

The difference in your sleep quality will be noticeable, so have no worries.

There are a number of things that can rob you of sleep. Fortunately, most of these things can be solved through practicing good sleep hygiene and making sleep a priority.

Unfortunately for some people, practicing good sleep hygiene and maximizing their sleep environment doesn't always help them sleep better. Many of these people suffer from sleep disorders that need to be diagnosed and treated starting with a sleep study.

For residents of Alaska, The Alaska Sleep Clinic is here to help.

We have over a decade worth of experience in diagnosing and treating a variety of sleep disorders including sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, and many others.

If you're having trouble sleeping and think it may be a sign of a disorder, call ASC for a free consultation with a sleep specialist.  @ 907-770-9104

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