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How Traveling Can Improve Your Sleep Patterns

Posted by Monica Gibson on Jul 9, 2021 1:51:00 AM

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By plane, bus, car, RV, train, or ship, traveling can be the best relaxation therapy you can ever have. When you have worked forty hours a week for months, you get burned out and are in need of a vacation. Everyone needs to rejuvenate their bodies and minds from time to time. Some people have their own favorite way to travel. Some will not travel by plane or ship. While there are others that don’t care how they get there, they just want to travel to another destination, relax, and sightseeing. No matter how you like to travel, traveling itself can help improve your sleep patterns.

Road Trips by car

            Road trips by car can be the most flexible, scenic, and fun way to travel. Depending on how far you are planning to drive, there can be several stops for sleeping. On the major interstates, there are numerous rest areas where you can park, lay your seat back and take short power naps or even hour naps. If you are not that brave, you can always stop in different cities and stay a night in a hotel. RVs still allow you to stop whenever you are feeling tired at a rest area or even a Walmart parking lot, to take a nap in a bed or on a couch!

Road trips by bus and trains are different. You don’t have to worry about pulling over, but you can just lay back with a pillow and blanket and nap. However, they are not the best ways to travel long distances if you are on a crowded bus or train. They tend to be loud and not a lot of room to stretch out.


Taking a flight or traveling by ship

            If you are flying, sleeping resembles a bus trip! They are built with rows of seats. They don’t stop so you can take a nap, but you can still grab a pillow and blanket and take a great power nap as long as there is no turbulence. It doesn’t matter if your flight is an hour or twenty-four hours. Just sit back and relax, close the window cover, wrap up and shut your eyes! And if you are a person who needs a quite spacious area to sleep, then this is not the transportation where you get the best sleep.

Traveling by ship can be the best sleep. The rocking of the boat from the waves can be one of the most relaxing sleep you will ever have. You have your own room with a nice fluffy bed or you can fall asleep on your private balcony, or just lay in a lounge chair on the deck by one of many pools while taking in some sun rays!


Traveling abroad

Road trips can be even more exciting if you take one abroad. Think about driving across a land you have never seen before in a country you have never been to. Can you imagine the differences in the culture and surroundings? When traveling internationally, having an international driving permit is a beneficial way to travel. The permit takes all of your important information from your driver’s license and puts it into eleven different languages, including English.

            However you decide to travel, all of your travel documents should be converted to PDF to make them easy to access and electronically transfer or print them. Technology rules and runs the world. Making these documents digital means that you don’t have to worry about losing them. You can store them on your phone, laptop, iPad, tablet, or even on a cloud.



            In the end, the goal is to travel, see places you have never seen, and relax from your day-to-day life and stresses. Road trips and ships give you the best sleeping atmosphere and can improve your sleep patterns by just giving you the complete rest and sleep that you normally are not getting at home. This unrest is usually due to always thinking of what needs to be done next, or being so busy that there are not enough hours in a day to sleep and still get it all accomplished. So, take as many mini or long vacations a year that you can and watch your sleep patterns get rejuvenated!

Your sleep apnea shouldn’t hinder your travel plans. Don't leave your machine at home and allow yourself to suffer at night while on your vacation. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you want to be at your best, and you're not going to get there if you're losing sleep.

If you need any additional information on traveling with a CPAP machine or would like to purchase a travel-specific CPAP machine, feel free to contact the Alaska Sleep Clinic.

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