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How Working Remotely Impacts Sleep, And How To Improve It

Posted by Monica Gibson on Jul 1, 2022 3:11:00 AM

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Very good sleep is a natural medicine for the body and several studies have tried to analyze just how important that aspect of living is. During sleep, the body repairs and strengthens itself for the next set of activities that would be coming. Sleep is very important for those that work in office environments. When employees are well-rested, they are more alert and would hardly make mistakes. Lack of sleep impacts a person’s cognitive functions causing a lack of focus and reduced attention to details but it is also not good for an employee to oversleep. Things won’t get done in time and the business could suffer. Let’s see how working remotely impacts sleep and how to improve it.


Too much freedom

One frequent problem with remote working is too much freedom. Some remote workers can set their own work schedules and so start their work very late in the day. Distractions could also set in early on and since they have some deliverables to turn in every day, they end up working very late into the night. Blue light exposure in the evening suppresses melatonin production which is the hormone that helps you fall asleep. This can affect your sleep-wake cycle and your body would find it difficult in determining when to fall asleep and when to wake up. To improve upon this, you need to be disciplined when working from home and start your work on time so you can finish on time and get enough sleep every day.


Know when to call it a day

Some people usually do not know when to quit for the day while working from home. They get so engrossed in the job that they start earlier than the usual time and still work till past bedtime. Some working-from-home workers even neglect personal hygiene in the process. They just jump from bed and straight to their computer. When you commute to an office, it is easy to leave your job behind and go home at the end of the day but it is more difficult when you are working remotely and your laptop is always with you. This blurs the line between your personal and professional life and your sleep will definitely be affected. To improve upon this, if you know you are not good at closing for the day, how about changing your environment?

To help you draw the line at the end of each day, you can rent office space at a coworking space. There are some really fantastic office space deals in Atlanta and Nashville. Renting an office space in Nashville is not too costly and it will enable you to do your job just like you are in an office. It comes with a complete package of office space, service, technology, and support. Other office spaces differ in terms of rent. You can choose any one that suits your finances to have an office experience while working remotely.


Non-exposure to natural lighting

Most people who work from home usually do not step outside in the mornings. From their beds, they get on to their laptops. Some people even sleep with their laptops by their side. It is good to be exposed to the natural lighting outside every day because it helps one fall asleep at night. Those working at the office usually get that morning natural lighting when they are driving or walking to the office every day but a remote worker would need to set aside time to go outside sometimes. According to a professor of psychiatry, Helen Burgess, Ph.D., morning light is the most important light to receive during the day. Exposure to bright natural lighting during the day helps stimulate energy, metabolism, and cortisol. At the same time, bright light suppresses melatonin, thereby making it easier for you to fall asleep.


Importance of moving your body

When working remotely, you will miss out on things like constantly being active. This is because the majority of remote workers gradually forget about their daily life activities and concentrate more on their computer screens. All those long walks, bike riding, or driving to and from the office are means of exercising and keeping fit and these rigorous exercises make you easily fall asleep. Many remote workers get so glued to their computers that they could go hours without even changing positions. Don’t get overly focused on work for hours unending. Please go outside sometimes and do some exercise. This will help your sleep not to suffer.


Setting your home office in your bedroom

If you are working and sleeping in the same room, then your brain will associate any stress you feel with your bedroom. This will affect your sleep because your thoughts mays dwell on a project that is due very soon and since you are near your computer, you may be tempted to jump out of bed to use it. You may plan for just some minutes but eventually, it could run into hours and you may even find yourself not sleeping at all for some nights. This can have a serious negative effect on your body system. When setting up a home workstation, it is recommended that you situate it outside of your bedroom. That way, you will know that you are retired for the day whenever you are in bed.

Final word

No matter the volume of office responsibilities you have, it is always good to create time to sleep and rest your body system. A lack of sleep makes one feel giddy and with time, those office deliverables you were rushing to send through would become impossible to comprehend, let alone work on them. Carry out your work duties in a manner that will not hamper your sleeping time. These tips above should be able to guide you to balance your remote working style and sleep.


Finally, as indicated above, it is evident that getting enough sleep at night is possible when working from home. Follow your rules and avoid wasting time on trivial activities to keep positive energies when working on your goals. Always remember that getting enough sleeping at night is an indicator you had a successful day. Thus, make a practice schedule and follow the above guide to ensure your night does not result in turning on your bed while the rest of the world sleeps. As such, you can contribute to the growth of your career while working from home without hurting your social life and sleeping patterns.

"Everybody agrees that if you are sleep deprived, you can't learn, perform or think very well," says Jerome Siegel, PhD, director of the Center for Sleep Research at the University of California, Los Angeles.

When the weekend arrives, hopefully, you have balanced chores, laundry, and dishes along the way so you can take the time to relax. Working and staying at home is not the same as relaxing. Give yourself time to recharge for the next week.

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