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If Momma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!

Posted by Stefanie Leiter

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on May 10, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Mother’s Day rolls around once a year to appreciate mom. This year Mother's Day is May 12th.  THAT IS THIS SUNDAY!!  Don't forget Mom! Though the appreciation should come all year, dads and kids are searching for the perfect gift every May to celebrate mom. There are lots of choices including chocolates and jewelry that mom might like, but I can share as a mom of two elementary-aged children, the gift we want is sleep and relaxation.

In one sleep study, fathers miss out on one to four hours of sleep each week; in the same study, moms miss out three to nine hours of sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends 49 hours per sleep a week and 35% of parents with a child 2 years old or younger were more likely to sleep five hours or less compared to mom sleep babynonparents.

Let’s look at the top 10 gifts that will recharge mom and make you a hero

  1. Spa day. Surprise mom with a day of relaxation and beauty. Moms tend to love the whole package: facial, massage, pedicure, and manicure. Some salons or spas can include lunch or dessert and wine.
    Money Saving Tip: research area salons for specials in May. You can even get the kids involved with some essential oil bath bombs for home to keep the relaxation rolling.

  2. Overnight stay. Though it may be tempting to sweep mom away for a weekend away for the kids, try surprising her with a weekend away from everyone and everything. Moms would love the gift of an overnight stay near shopping, a bookstore, movie theatre, and coffee shop.
    Money Saving Tip: save up points on your credit card or hotel travel to earn a free night. If you are not a frequent traveler, try Groupon or LivingSocial for hotel deals.

  3. Chocolate subscription. Companies like Shari’s Berries can offer a subscription to moms so throughout the year she can indulge in her favorite sweets. An added bonus for mom on these special deliveries would be for dad to take the kids for a long walk or an afternoon at the park. And make sure it is for mom: no sharing.
    Money Saving Tip: talk to local chocolate shops; many can set up a subscription like the online options.

  4. Maid service. In 2019, I would hope the cleaning at home is equally divided amongst the kids and dad. But regardless of how the chores are split, a maid service gift for Mother’s Day is a popular choice.
    Money Saving Tip: try a one-time cleaning instead of committing to a monthly service. Or try just the bathrooms. It depends on your houseside and budget.

  5. Essential oils. This has become an easy go-to option for mom, but it does not have to stop at a bottle of oil. Think about how the kids can make homemade bath bombs, bath salts, soaps, or foot creams. Craft stores carry molds and sites like Pinterest list recipes.
    Money Saving Tip: oils can be pricey. Shop at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx to find quality oils for less money and at larger quantities.

  6. Breakfast in bed. Kids love cooking for mom and surprising her with pancakes in bed. The biggest gift for mom would be not only breakfast in bed, but brunch in bed is even better. This gives mom more time to sleep. And don’t leave it up to mom to clean up the mess. Teach the kids how cooking and cleaning go hand-in-hand.
    Money Saving Tip: plan ahead with the kids. Maybe it is simplest to purchase her favorite muffins and make a fruit salad. But whatever you make, don’t do it last minute.

  7. Meal Train. So we have all heard of preparing family meals during trying times or when purchasing a new home. But why stop there? Think about a week of meals for mom with a meal train from other dads. Swap some favorite recipes, keep it simple, and make sure DAD is doing the cooking.
    Money Saving Tip: meal planning already is a huge budget-friendly option. With a Meal Train, you are swapping meals so make sure you keep it simple with other dads.

  8. Shopping spree. Dads, spring for a day where you watch the kids and give mom a kid-free shopping spree. Maybe she loves bookstores, vintage shopping, antiques, or clothes. Whatever the item that brings mom some joy, give her a day.
    Money Saving Tip: the month of May is full of coupons, buy one get one frees, free meals or coffee for mom, and half off savings. Have the kids make a fun coupon book for mom so she can get more bang for her buck.

  9. Hire a sitter. It is not that mom wants a day without dad: she just wants a day to relax. Surprise her with a night out kid-free or a weekend without the kids. The gesture will be a hit and a night at a hotel an extra bonus without the distractions at home.
    Money Saving Tip: ask a family member to watch the kids or trade a night with a friend if family is not nearby. Either way, you are saving money and can maximize your time away.

  10. Color your troubles. For some moms who may have the luxury of time alone away from the kids or do not love the alone time, think about a coloring book. Though a small gesture, adult coloring books are a great way to unwind and relax all year anywhere anyplace anytime.
    Money Saving Tip: purchase colored pencils just for mom with a sharpener. With a house full of drawers and colorers, buying a nice set of colored pencils kept out of the reach of kids can save you money on the more expensive coloring accessories.


You might be thinking: how does this all help with sleep? Dr. Kimberlee Bethany Bonura, a fitness and wellness educator and exercise scientist, believes too many of us believe self-care and rest are optional.

In reality, it is something everyone needs. A one hour massage alone can help for days relieve the tension and stress carried in our shoulders. “If we don’t purposefully plan to relax and restore, we will do so in unproductive and unhealthy ways.”

So this year, go the distance with mom and help ail her five hours of sleep with a remedy that is sure to be a hit every May. Instead of her dreading the 6 a.m. wake-up call with breakfast in bed with a messy kitchen waiting for clean-up, surprise her with something genuine.  You mom has been losing sleep since you were born because she didn't want to miss anything! 

Happy Mother's Day to all you Alaskan moms from Alaska Sleep Clinic.

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