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Introducing The Sleep Coach: FREE Customer Support for You

Posted by Jennifer Hines

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on Oct 8, 2018 8:25:00 AM

We want to thank you for being a valued customer  of the Alaska Sleep Clinic. We work to supply and care for your CPAP and Sleep Therapy needs. The latest way Alaska Sleep Clinic is making sleep therapy easier for all of our patients is with a new customer support program we are now using for DME supplies.

This service is free to the Alaska Sleep Customers.

How does it work?
You will be contacted by a “Sleep Coach” either by telephone, email, or text. The Sleep Coach will provide you with a reminder on when you are eligible to receive new CPAP equipment or supplies.

Sleep Coach can mail your orders directly to your home. When you receive a notification or a call you place the order with the Sleep Coach and then it is mailed to you directly instead of having to come into the office to pick it up. This is done with what is known as a quarter orders which provides you 3 months worth of DME supplies based on your eligibility.

Quarterly and six month supply orders are approved for free shipping!

How is this helpful to you?
Maintaining your machine and keeping your supplies on a regular manufacturer recommended schedule ensures that your equipment is operating efficiently.  We know that life happens and that time slips away from us as we go about our daily business, so reminders are helpful in ensuring that items are replaced on a regular basis.

Data shows that patients that get regular supply replacement and have their questions and concerns addressed are more likely to be successful in maintain compliance with usage…and inherently have better health outcomes. 

Usual Quarter Order Contents

1 Mask, 2 cushions OR 3 cushions
1 Hose
6 Disposable Filters

On the 6 Month you would be eligible for:
1 Mask, 2 cushions OR 3 cushions
1 Hose
6 Disposable Filters
1 Non-Disposable Filter
1 Water Chamber

How Do you pay for the supplies?

If you are a patient “in good standing” and you approve a quarter order with the Sleep Coach we will waive the shipping fee and you would then receive a statement in the mail if you have a balance for the supplies after your insurance has paid OR you can sign up for Auto Pay and your credit card will be charged when your insurance has paid their portion.

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