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Is a Doctor's Order/Referral Necessary for a Sleep Study?

Posted by Jennifer Hines

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on Jan 26, 2019 5:53:00 AM

sleep expertWe get these calls everyday at Alaska Sleep Clinic asking us if Doctor's referrals are necessary for a sleep study so we thought we'd hammer out a blog post about this very question.

So your partner is complaining that you snore like a freight train, you’re tired all day long and can’t seem to concentrate at work. Perhaps you just can’t seem to get your mind to shut off at night and find it nearly impossible to get decent nights sleep.

Most people who feel there is a need for an improvement in their sleep have not talked to their doctors about their concerns. Some do not have a family or personal doctor they have established care with and are unsure where to start. The good news is there is a way to be sure you are getting the best night sleep possible.

Visit with Your Doctor about Your Sleep Problems

If you already have a family or personal doctor then a simple visit to discuss your sleep concerns is all that is usually needed to obtain a referral for a sleep study. However, some insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid require you to have a consult appointment with a doctor who specializes in sleep medicine before they will cover a study. This is to assure your care is properly managed by a sleep specialist.

Once you visit your doctor they will document all of your sleep concerns and send a referral request to the sleep clinic. At this point the study your doctor ordered and health history will be reviewed by the medical director so the most appropriate study will be conducted. Once reviewed, the study will be scheduled and performed at the sleep clinic. The results of which will be interpreted by a board certified sleep specialist and recommendations for care will be sent to your referring physician.

Visit a Board Certified Sleep Specialist

If you do not have an established relationship with a doctor already then a sleep consultation with a board certified sleep specialist can easily be arranged. At this appointment you will discuss all of your sleep concerns and the doctor will obtain a full medical history. Once the appropriate study is ordered and completed the sleep specialist will perform all follow up appointments and write any necessary orders for treatment of your sleep disorder.

The bottom line is most people who feel that there must be some way out there to get a better night’s sleep are right. It starts with a simple call to your doctor and can be the most important thing you do for your overall health and well being.

If you still have questions about what to do or how to go about getting a sleep study, feel free to call us at Alaska Sleep Clinic toll free in Alaska at 855-AKSLEEP or 855-257-5337.

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