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Is Kratom Ideal for Treating Insomnia?

Posted by Kevin Phillips

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on Mar 14, 2020 4:54:00 PM

What is Kratom? - Master Center for Addiction Medicine

For a more extended period, Kratom has been considered famous as it contains sedative properties. People who have used it before can attest to the range of benefits they stand to benefit from what it brings along, and, in most cases, it is commonly used to fight opiate addiction and help in pain relief. On the same note, it is widely used for the treatment of insomnia. Individuals who have insomnia can testify how the feeling is so much irritating and can cause other underlying issues such as mood deterioration, the functionality of the body is derailed, and the inability to handle stressful situations efficiently. Nature as it is, it helps remedy the problem whereby deep in South Asia's forests, natural treatment has been provided thanks to the famous Kratom tree. It doesn't discriminate and provides solutions by aiding with several strains that aid people from across all genders to connect perfectly with a good night’s sleep. 

Understanding Kratom strain

To gain maximum therapeutic effects, you need to find the right strain of Kratom to treat your issue. If you decide to do some research, you will realize there are various varieties of natural alternative of Kratom an individual can choose from. If you are a new user, it becomes an uphill task for you to find the most appropriate strain for you. Among the best strains of Kratom, people have the red strains from which you can choose, and they include the Red Sumatra, Red Borneo, Red Bali, and much more. An individual who takes the red strains is better placed to avoid sleep-related disorders and sedation to patients, especially when the lights are out.

  • The Red Bali

It is one of the most popular strains of the Kratom plant. The red Bali has been found to contain more relaxing components and ideal for individuals who suffer from hectic and stressful work routines. After a busy and very exhausting day at work, your body is placed in a situation where it calms down, and, in the morning, you will wake up fresh without any form of tension. Similarly, it is found to be an excellent painkiller that can help an individual relax and situations where you overthink; thus, the pressure is limited. Occurrences of headaches, migraines among other stress associated situations, are avoided. It, it contains the properties of analgesic, anxiolytic, and sedative properties that all are responsible for sound night sleep. Generally, it is the best alternative to sleeping pills. 

  • Red Borneo

It stems out from the region where it is produced, known as the Borneo, and it makes three types of them, namely red, green and white. Of the three, the Red Borneo has the red color veins in the leaves, which contain the relaxation strain that has the sedation properties. An individual who intakes regular doses of Borneo powder will have their moods generally elevated and reduce stress immensely. Similarly, it is vital to make one happy, ease pain, and elevate the energy levels for improved body performance. When the properties are combined, they all illustrate a peaceful night's sleep and ideal when you suffer from irregular sleeping patterns and insomnia. 

  • Red Sumatra

It's possible to where some plants grow. For instance, Red Sumatra from the name shows that it mostly grows in the Island of Sumatra, which is part of Indonesia and can be considered the globally populated island. You can access multiple forms of the leaves, which are most suitable for mind relaxing related effects to the body. The island itself boasts several almost 50 million residents enjoying the use of the leaves from the Red Sumatra tree and can efficiently cope with stress and gain a peaceful night's sleep. 


Understand How It Works

Like any other supplement or drug, you can use; it is fundamental that you first understand how the strain of Kratom works in the body. In a layman's language, the leaves are rich in a compound called the alkaloids, which acts as a potent means to ensure communication with the mind and body's inner function are bolstered. When the alkaloids combine with the adreno-receptors, they signal a pathway to the brain that is fundamental to bring about the following mind-blowing benefits. 

  • Efficient Stress Relief

The majority of persons are experiencing insomnia for the reason of being in constant anxiety and stressful situation. By the fact that it is an excellent way to kill stress and high levels of anxiety, the majority of persons can get rid of insomnia by efficient treatment. When you start experiencing reduced levels of anxiety and stress, sleep most definitely comes naturally. Even for people who don't complain about insomnia, a night of good and sound night sleep is vital. 

  • Sedation Effects

Users who know the goodness of Red leaves from Kratom have proven the sedation effect. Alongside that, it is vital for having relieving properties that are a number on the deal to knocking out insomnia that can put you down in a night. 

  • General Physical Comfort

As discussed earlier, alkaloids are an excellent deal for the general physical comfort of the user. Several persons can attribute to the fact that the red strain is good at placing an individual in a situation they feel like they have been wrapped with a warm blanket. By the simple comfort nature, the strain greatly contributes to an insomniac person fall asleep

Is It an Ideal?

The use of Kratom, especially the Red Vein strain, is a perfect solution to sleeping aid and can be termed perfectly safe. There are sporadic incidences of side effect related complication as well as hangover associated impacts. Without a doubt, many people approve of it as an ideal remedy for persons who have insomnia as a natural alternative to sleeping peels. Its approval as an adequate remedy for insomnia is tremendous. The moment you intake it, you can be sure of waking up the next morning fresh and lightened for the day. For assuredly of safety, make us of the Sumatra, Borneo, and Bali optimally only, and don't you ever overdose. On that note, don't take the same strain on every night. Optimal gains can only be possible if you alternate the strains such that your body isn't in a position to develop any kind of tolerance, and you can always catch up with the needed night sleep just by having a small Kratom dosage. With the above information in mind, you are hopefully informed enough that you use it to enlighten yourself and don't use it to become a medical doctor. Before trying anything for stress or insomnia help, consult your physician.

Other Treatments for Insomnia

There are over-the-counter and prescription sleep aid medications available to help with symptoms of insomnia. However, it is not recommended to use the over-the-counter medications as their effectiveness and side effects may vary and be undesired. It is best to discuss possible sleep aids with your primary care physician. Typical medications for insomnia include benzodiazepine hypnotics, non-benzodiazepine hypnotics, and melatonin receptor agonists.

If another sleep disorder is the underlying cause of your poor quality sleep troubles, a sleep study may be necessary to diagnose and treat the sleep disorder.

If you live in the state of Alaska and believe that a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, or narcolepsy made be causing you to experience insomnia, schedule a call for a free consultation by clicking the link below with Alaska Sleep Clinic.

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