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Is Tech Ruining Your Sleep?

Posted by Jennifer Christensen on Aug 28, 2013 10:00:00 AM


If the first thing you grab when you get into bed is your iPad or laptop you are not alone.  Gaming, digital readers, and texting habits are increasing the number of Americans who loose sleep due to technology.  

That last hour before bed is a crucial one. The majority of adults, but mainly teens and young adults between the ages 13-29, are prevented from good sleep because of staring at that bright backlit screen in the hours before bed. 

So what is the solution? Researchers suggest going cold turkey from all electronics at least an hour before sleep. But for many of us that is easier said than done. While technology is partially to blame for the lack of good sleep it may also be the remedy. There are multiple sleep aid apps for smart phones that can actually track your sleeping habits or play southing music to help you drift off to a blissful sleep.

Do you have an app that helps you fall asleep?



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