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Make Your Guests Comfortable This Holiday

Posted by Bianca Birgit on Dec 10, 2018 10:49:00 AM

How to Make Holiday Guests More Comfortable when Sleeping Over

The family is descending on your home for the holidays. Time to pull out the inflatable beds, stock the fridge, and clear your calendar for the festivities that lay ahead.

Besides the obvious pleasure of having visitors, comes the challenge of ensuring all your guests are comfortable and happy. The same basic principles that apply when you visit an Airbnb apartment come into play when your house is filled with family and friends.

To ensure your holiday is not spent chasing your tail and tending to their every need, here are some workable tips to get your home guest-ready. With a bit of planning, you can enjoy the festivities without being run off your feet.


Prepare a Loving Welcome


If your guests have traveled a distance to get to you, prepare for their arrival with something thoughtful and practical. Consider that they may be tired or hungry when they arrive. Have their room ready so they can just put down their things and relax.

They may prefer a snack over a big meal so prepare beforehand and give them the option. If they have a favorite drink, have that available.

It will make them feel special and know that you have been thinking about them. For special occasions, fresh flowers or opening a gift is a wonderful way to start a holiday.


Comfortable Bed to SleepComfortable Daybed ready for your guests.

The best way to enjoy a home away from home in to have a comfy, cozy bed and bedroom. If guests wake up feeling rested, they will feel calm and full of energy. At the end of a day, it’s a welcome pleasure to have a comfortable space of your own to retreat to.

If you do not have a dedicated guest room set up, chances are you will be adapting another area to accommodate your visitors. Daybeds mattress are an especially versatile piece of furniture in this situation.

If they have a trundle drawer, this will afford you a second sleep area. Comfort does not need to play second fiddle, fit the both areas with one of the best twin mattress for a daybed to ensure they sleep like a dream.


Declutter Living Spacese-plan

By creating a space that is free of clutter, guest will feel more relaxed and at ease. This applies to the main areas they will be using like bedrooms and bathrooms.

For kitchens, get organized and set up a coffee or tea station away from the main work area. This way guests can help themselves without feeling like they’re getting in the way.

With more people in your home, some furniture items and ornaments that are special to you, are best stored out the way for practicality and free movement. Even with the best intentions, valuables can be broken. Sticking valuables out the way will afford yourself peace of mind, avoiding those awkward moments and lengthy apologies.


Give the House a Good Clean

This may be obvious, but it’s an important point that can sometimes be overlooked. Living in your own home day to day, there may be problem areas that are overlooked as we become used to them over time.


To create a good first impression that will ensure everyone settles in happily, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens need to be clean.

These are areas where your visitors will be spending most of thier time and if it feels gritty, they will avoid them, or at the very least, not wish to return any time soon.

Imagine walking into a holiday apartment and being met with dusty surfaces or dirty bed sheets. In a home that has children and pets, this is especially important. People who are not used to kids or animals will notice pet fur, unpleasant odors or sticky spills.


Plan Activities for Their Stay

c-coffee-stationWhen the main reason for the visit has come and gone, there is often down time. Visitors who are not familiar with the area, or possibly do not have thier own transport, could start to feel bored or in the way.

This can easily be avoided by planning some activities to keep them entertained. It could be as easy as filling them in on what malls there are in the area, the best coffee shops to visit, and other places of interest.

If they are on holiday while you’re still at work, they can Uber or catch a bus to nearby spots. If they are the “stay-at-home” types, give them access to your Wifi or with older parents, show them how to use the TV.

If you have the whole family together for the holidays, plan a family photo shoot or pull out all the old family photos and take a trip down memory lane.


Stock up on Towels & Bedding

It’s a good idea to be stocked up on fresh sheets, blankets, pillows and towels for each guest.

Leave a bath towel and hand towel on thier bed or in the bathroom they’ll be using so they don’t need to ask. Let them know when they arrive, which ones are theirs and where to get more if needed. Extra toilet paper should also be kept where guests can easily get more.

A few thoughtful items like shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste may come in handy in case anyone has forgotten to pack their own.

There are few things more special than having friends and family round for the holidays. It’s an opportunity to create lifelong memories, and share the joy that comes with celebrating special occasions together.

Hosting visitors in your home, says a lot about you. More than the fact that you have the available space, you are creating an opportunity where generations can come together.

This is a rare find in this day and age where families easily divide to find new life and work opportunities.

Planning ahead will ensure they are well looked after with minimal input from your end. Happy holidays!

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