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Mattress Materials Have Gone High Tech for Most Restful Sleep

Posted by Misha Yueng on Dec 30, 2020 9:46:11 AM

Even mattresses are high-tech now.

If you're looking for a new mattress, the technology that's used to build it is likely to be far more advanced than anything that was on the market in past years. This can allow you to get a much more comfortable sleep at night, which can give you more energy during the day and put you in a better mood. Furthermore, you'll be able to get mattresses that incorporate this technology no matter if it’s a king or queen size mattress! While there are many new mattress technologies that have been developed, these are seven of the most important ones to know about:

1. New Mattress Materials

There have been many new mattress materials that have been invented in recent years. These materials will allow you to get a much more comfortable sleep than their predecessors, which can help you to wake up every morning feeling well rested and able to take on the day!

Not only can these materials be exceptionally comfortable, but they can also be designed to reduce levels of allergens that you're exposed to in the night. Here are a few examples of new materials that are being used to create mattresses:

  • New Memory Foam Technologies: Memory foam has been one of the greatest advances in mattress technology, and it can ensure that your bed effectively adjusts to your natural sleeping position. This technology has advanced considerably in recent years, and new innovations are expected in the future.
  • Anti-Allergen Materials: In order to prevent the accumulation of allergenic particles on the mattress, new materials have been designed that particulate matter is less likely to stick to. This can reduce the amount of allergen exposure that you are subjected to overnight.

2. Mattresses That Come In A Box

While the idea of a mattress in a box may sound quite unusual, this is becoming more and more commonplace nowadays. This can make them easier to transport, which can help to improve access to online orders of mattresses. Here are a few unique advantages of this unusual development in mattress technology:

  • The fact that these mattresses are in a box can lower shipping costs, which can make the products much more affordable if you're buying online. This can greatly improve the convenience of picking out a mattress.
  • Keeping the mattress in a box can reduce the chances of it being stained or damaged during the shipping process, and it can also prevent damage during the setup process in your bedroom.
  • Cardboard boxes are an affordable material to use during the shipping process, which also helps to lower shipping costs.

What Companies Offer Boxed Mattresses

There are many companies that offer mattresses in a box nowadays, which gives you the opportunity to choose the one that's best for you. Many of the major manufacturers of mattresses offer some or all of their products in a box, especially for products that are shipped. These are a few examples of the companies that offer mattresses in a box:

  • Amerisleep: Amerisleep is a leader in the mattress in a box industry offering all sizes and material construction.
  • Sealy: Sealy offers a wide range of mattresses in a box.
  • Sleepy: Sleepy offers numerous boxed mattress selections, including queen mattress products.
  • Simmons: This company has a rooms to go series, which can allow you to get a mattress that's shipped in a box.

3. Mattresses That Offer Adjustable Firmness

Being able to adjust the firmness of a mattress can go a long ways towards making it easy to get a good sleep at night. Luckily, this technology is becoming more commonplace, and it can even be used to adjust the firmness of the mattress on one side. Therefore, if one person in the bed wants the mattress firmer and the other softer, this can be accommodated by the settings. Here's what you need to know about these unique and state of the art mattresses:

  • Everyone has a different ideal mattress firmness, and these variations can be quite significant.
  • Having a mattress that feels uncomfortable can cause it to take longer to get to sleep, and you may have a hard time staying asleep through the night.
  • If you don't get a good sleep at night, your concentration and performance at work or school is likely to be significantly affected.

4. Heated Mattresses

Heated mattresses can allow you to adjust the temperature of your mattress. This can allow you to get a much more comfortable sleep at night. Furthermore, some heated mattresses allow you to set different heat settings on different sides of the bed, which can allow for a far more comfortable sleep. Here are a few of the many ways that heated mattresses can help to improve the quality of your sleep:

  • It's important to sleep in an environment that is not too warm or cool, and having a heated mattress is a great way to ensure that you're sleeping at a temperature that's ideal for you.
  • Heated mattresses can allow you to set the temperature differently depending on where you're laying in the bed, which can ensure that two people in the same bed can each get the temperature that's right for them.

5. Sleep Sensors

Sleep sensors can detect the natural position of your body and adjust accordingly. Not only that, but these sensors can often provide data on how long you were asleep and how much you tossed and turned during the night. This can help you to identify the factors that influence the quality of your sleep at night, which can help you create strategies to improve your sleep quality.

6. Nano Foam Mattresses

While nano foam mattresses might sound like something out science fiction, they have very much become a reality in 2020. This technology has allowed numerous customers to get a sleep that was far more comfortable than they ever thought would be possible. Here are a few of the many unique advantages of this state of the art technology:

  • Nano foam mattresses feature foam with exceptionally small and numerous air spaces. This makes them incredibly comfortable compared to other products.
  • Many people who have bought a nano foam mattress say that it has gone a long ways in terms of improving their sleep quality.
  • The price of these products has come down somewhat, which makes them much more easily accessible.

7. Memory Gel Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses have been around for quite some time, but memory gel mattresses are a much newer invention. This technology is unique in that the mattress automatically adjusts to your sleeping position, and it can change far quicker than memory foam. Here are a few advantages of memory gel technology:

  • Memory gel mattresses are designed to offer an exceptionally comfortable sleep, and this is exactly what many customers have said that they do.
  • Memory gel mattress pads are available, which can give you some of the benefits of memory gel mattresses at a lower price.

Sleep plays a vital role in your overall health and wellness. Getting enough sleep every night leads to better productivity and mental concentration, better calorie regulation, greater athletic performance, and lowers the risk of gaining weight. Your emotional intelligence and immune system will also improve if you prioritize getting at least eight hours of sleep every night.

But, regardless of how important sleep is, a lot of people still struggle to get some shuteye every night. Some are tired and worn out at the end of the day, but when they reach their beds, they find themselves twisting and turning. 

If you find yourself in this kind of situation all the time, your mattress might be the culprit. But, if your sleep problems are caused by more than just the wrong mattress, call Alaska Sleep Clinic today @ 907-770-9104 and speak with one of our board-certified sleep specialists.  Our free consultation will get you on the right track to improving your sleep and your life.    


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