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Personality Based Self-Care and Wellness Tips for Better Sleep

Posted by Claire Silverberg on Feb 23, 2022 12:48:00 AM

An empty, unmade bed.

We’ve all been there before. You’re in bed tossing and turning while looking at the clock, wondering if you’ll ever fall asleep. This frustrating situation affects people all around the world every single night.

Because sleep deprivation can be dangerous to your mental and physical health, it’s important to incorporate home wellness additions and self-care techniques. These help you relieve stress and set yourself up for a restful night of sleep.


How can self-care and wellness additions help?

In addition to the time spent sleeping, many individuals spend countless hours in their homes. Because of this, it’s important to organize your home in a way that works for you. 

By keeping your house organized and comfortable, you can create a place that positively enhances your mood. On the other hand, spending time in a house that isn't optimized for you could lead to negative emotions and impact your sleep.

Some warning signs that your house could use some wellness additions include:

  • You find yourself anxious or depressed at home
  • You have trouble sleeping
  • You avoid being at home
  • You feel like you can’t relax at home

By incorporating self-care techniques and wellness additions, you can transform your home into a place where you feel and sleep your best.


Self-care tips for every personality type

Everyone is different, especially when it comes to sleeping. Whether it’s room temperature, mattress type, or a number of pillows, each person has their ideal situation for a perfect night of sleep.

To learn more about yourself, you may have researched your astrological sign. By learning about your personality, you can find self-care tips tailored specifically to you.

Follow along to learn more about how you can improve your sleep with these personalized self-care tips.


Home wellness tips based on your zodiac sign

The time and place you are born to influence your astrological chart. There are twelve zodiac signs that are divided into four main elements: air, earth, water, and fire.

Depending on the element of your sign, different self-care tips or wellness additions are recommended.


For air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

As an air sign, you fall into a group of quick-witted and talkative individuals. Many air signs also share a love for innovative technologies and modern comforts in their homes.

Wellness additions include:

Plants: Philodendron birkins, pilea peperomioides, and bird’s nest ferns

Essential oils: Bergamot, lavender, and geranium

Self-care tips: Practice meditation and journaling

By incorporating these additions and techniques, air signs can relax their active minds, promoting restful sleep.


For earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

As an earth sign, you may find yourself prioritizing practicality and comfort. This means you should lean towards a stable and refined home environment.

Wellness additions include:

Plants: Snake plants, echeverias, and parlor palms

Essential oils: Ylang-ylang, eucalyptus, and peppermint

Self-care tips: Maintain a clean and organized space

Utilizing these tips can help earth signs create a space where they can unwind each and every night.


For water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Known for being sensitive and imaginative, water signs thrive in a home where they can harness their creativity.

Wellness additions include:

Plants: Ficus tineke, philodendron greens, and ZZ plants

Essential oils: Rosemary, frankincense, and grapefruit

Self-care tips: Treat yourself to a dinner date and hot bath

By creating a comfortable and creative environment, water signs will look forward to resting in their unique space.


For fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Often passionate, artistic, and independent, fire signs like to do things their own way. To harness their independent nature, custom DIY projects are a great addition to their home life.

Wellness additions include:

Plants: Orange orchids, monstera deliciosas, and coffee plants

Essential oils: Spruce, cedarwood, and sweet orange 

Self-care tips: Go for a run or cook a delicious meal

With a customized home and fun DIY projects, fire signs can spend their time in a house they love both day and night.

Need more inspiration?

To learn more about at-home wellness tips for a better night’s sleep, check out Hippo’s visual below.

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Home Wellness Additions

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