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Redesign Your Bedroom for the Best Sleeping Experience

Posted by Adrianna Smith on May 21, 2021 8:57:30 AM

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Sleeping is one of the body’s ways to recharge itself from a long day of work and daily activities. It is important that the body gets enough sleep to ensure that we can live a healthy lifestyle and continue our daily activities without getting sick or fatigued. There are many causes of fatigue in adults that are caused by sleep deprivation.

Being sleep-deprived can cause the body to experience headaches since the brain and the nervous system rely heavily on sleep to recover and maintain their functions. There are also higher risks of developing a higher blood pressure that will lead to cardiovascular diseases and the risks of having diabetes also increases. The body will also have lower immunity thus it becomes more susceptible to diseases. For adults, the average time for sleeping is around 6 to 8 hours. Getting enough sleep is really important, especially at this age.

Most adults have problems with their sleeping schedules because they have to balance their time for their work, daily activities, and personal matters. One of the most time-consuming activities for working individuals is driving back and forth from their home to their workplace.

Some people get stuck in the late-night traffic, leaving them little time for other personal matters as they arrive home and it causes them to sleep later than the normal sleeping time. To avoid this struggle, some people have taken new homes, apartments, and Precondo condominiums near their workplace, therefore, reducing the time for travel. Even if it solves the time management problem and gives them more time for sleeping, this decision also comes with its disadvantages.

New homes may take some time to get used to and this also affects a person’s sleeping pattern. Few people may easily adjust to their new environment but most people will have a hard time adjusting given the new surroundings and different furniture. To make it easier to adjust to your new homes and improve your sleeping conditions, here are some steps that will improve your overall sleeping experience:


  • Choose a suitable location for your bedroom

First, you must choose a good position for your bedroom in your home. For homeowners, they can plan out the position of the bedroom based on several factors. The bedroom must be placed in an area that is less likely exposed to outside factors such as noise, direct exposure to sunlight, and pollution. The bedroom must be placed away from sources of noises such as the streets, loud neighbors, or other establishments that produce noise. Noise from the surroundings disrupts the sleeping pattern so these must be avoided. Vehicles that pass through streets can produce loud and distinct noises during the night so the bedroom must be away from the streets.

In the morning, direct exposure to sunlight may cause you to wake up sooner than intended and may disrupt your sleep. Try to avoid placing windows and the bed in the direction of sunrise to prevent this. Other factors such as pollution must also be considered. The odor of garbage cans may sometimes reach the bedroom. Check for the wind flow in the area and avoid placing the bedroom in the direction of the wind flow to avoid unwanted odors.

For people renting out condominiums and apartments, they can also consider the same factors and look for units with bedrooms placed in the ideal locations.

A theme for the bedroom also helps set the tone and comfort. Different colors can help adjust the ambiance of the room. Personal preference is also a big factor to consider when choosing a theme for the room. Some people may prefer bright colors that maximize the natural lighting of a bedroom while other people may prefer a darker-themed room that minimizes lighting to help them fall asleep faster.

You can also choose between pastel colors or heavy hues when choosing the color of your wallpapers. Some people also prefer plain-colored wallpapers while some prefer wallpapers with decorations. You may also paint your own designs and customize your wallpapers to suit the theme that you want for your bedroom. Always pick a theme that looks relaxing to your eyes. To help you decide on the color of your bedroom, click for more tips here!

  • Decide on the type of bed frame

The next step is setting up your bed frame. The style of bed frame also helps you sleep better because it allows you to become more comfortable in your sleeping positions. After deciding the size of your room, make sure that the bed frame you will be choosing will not take up most of the space in your bedroom because it will make your room feel too cramped or too small.

If your bed frame is too small, then it would limit your sleeping positions and may cause stiffness in the muscles upon waking up. Choose a bed frame that will allow you to enjoy different sleeping positions and wide enough to accommodate one or two people.


  • Decorate with pillows, blankets, and a good mattress

After picking a bed frame, it’s time to buy some good pillows and a comfortable mattress that fits the bed frame. The mattress must be the appropriate size to fit in the bed frame and the pillows must not be too big or too small or else it will affect the comfort of your sleep. Blankets must also be included and the cloth must be soft and not too thick or else it may feel too hot when you are sleeping. Choose a comfortable mattress and pillows to have a long and uninterrupted sleep!

  • Adjust the room temperature 

The room temperature must also be maintained at an ideal level to ensure a good night’s sleep. The ideal temperature must be a few degrees lower than the body temperature so that it will be cool and refreshing. Having an electric fan or an air cooler can help maintain a lower ambient temperature when sleeping. It also helps to keep the room well-ventilated so windows are also an important factor when designing a bedroom. 

  • Remove objects and furniture unrelated to sleeping

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Your bedroom must only be used for relaxing and resting. Having your home office or study in the same room as your bedroom subconsciously shows your brain that this area is for working and not for relaxing. Things like laptops, books, and even coffee mugs on your bedside table should be placed outside of your bedroom. This may affect your perception of the room and may affect your comfort when resting. It helps to have a separate study or a working environment from your resting area. 

Your bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. Make the most out of your resources and build a bedroom that will be the best spot in your home to sit back and relax from a long day of work and stress.

As you can tell, there are a number of things that can rob you of sleep. Fortunately most of these things can be solved through practicing good sleep hygiene and making sleep a priority. Unfortunately for some people, practicing good sleep hygiene and maximizing their sleep environment doesn't always help them sleep better. Many of these people suffer from sleep disorders that need to be diagnosed and treated starting with a sleep study.

For residents of Alaska, The Alaska Sleep Clinic is here to help. We have over a decade worth of experience in diagnosing and treating a variety of sleep disorders including sleep apnearestless leg syndromenarcolepsy, and many others. If you're having trouble sleeping and think it may be a sign of a disorder, click the link below for a free consultation with a sleep specialist.

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