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CPAP Mask Designs for Adults and Children

Posted by Harry Yuan, D.O. on Apr 12, 2017 2:00:00 AM

Philips Respironics is another popular brand among CPAP users. They offer a variety of masks from nasal pillow masks to full-face masks.  This article will discuss the Wisp Nasal Mask and the DreamWear Nasal Cradle mask.

DreamWear Nasal Cradle


If conventional nasal masks just aren’t working for you, then Respironics DreamWear mask is one to try.  Three main differences make up this unique mask:

  • nasal cradle
  • in-frame air flow
  • air tube connection at the top of the head.

Nasal Cradle

At first glance, one might question how the mask works at all.  The design is unorthodox with the nasal cushion directly below the nose, but nothing at all like the company’s previous attempt with OptiLife.  The cushion is made of a light, soft and flexible silicone material with a reliable seal.  With the cushion positioned under the nose, the wearer has an unobstructed view if they are prone to read or watch TV before sleeping.  Not only that, but the cushion boasts an innovative design that does not directly contact the bridge of the nose or the nostrils preventing red marks, discomfort or irritation.  There are four nasal cushion sizes: small, medium, large and medium wide.

In-frame Airflow

This is no traditional head frame.  In fact, it’s like there isn’t any frame at all.  The frame also comes in three different sizes with adjustable side straps.  As the frame is the same soft, flexible silicone material as the cushion, it is comfortable and does not leave marks on the face.

Connection at the top

The nasal cushion opens all the way to the elbow at the top of the head.  This allows the wearer to have a bit more freedom of movement and even allows one to sleep in most positions without disconnecting the tubing.  The tubing has a quick release attachment so it easily connects and disconnects from the device, which is convenient if you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

In conclusion, this mask is great for people who have had trouble finding a suitable mask for CPAP therapy. Also, it could be helpful to users who experience discomfort while wearing a traditional nasal pillow mask, users who have had allergic reactions to over-the-nose masks, or users who feel claustrophobic using a traditional nasal mask, but cannot tolerate a nasal pillow mask.

For a more in-depth, personal review, go here for Pete Stanza’s review on the DreamWear mask.

Wisp Nasal Mask 

The Wisp Nasal mask is a great option if you breathe through your nose while you sleep.  One of its positive features is the cushion that maintains a tight seal without completely resting on the face just below the nose bridge.  The Wisp is like a nasal pillows mask but performs like a regular nasal mask.  The headgear is also designed without a forehead pad, granting a more open view.

Two choices

The Wisp frame is offered in two materials: fabric or silicone, depending on your preference.  The fabric frame is reversible with a soft suedette on one side and a silky sateen on the other, mimicking the feeling of the pillow.  You also have the additional choice of positioning the tube over your head through the headgear crown loop.

A family of masks


If your child is in need of a mask, Respironics has designed something just for them.  The Wisp nasal masks serve everyone from infants to adults.

Designed just for children

Children will love the giraffe-inspired fabric of the Wisp Pediatric mask.  The curvature of the cushion is constructed for a little one’s shape, so children as young as infants can wear it.  There are three cushion sizes for young children.  The mask is fitted with a Leak Correction Dial so adjustments can be made without waking the child.

Family support

For children struggling with therapy and using the mask, Respironics made things a little easier to help in the transition.  The head frame’s simple giraffe-print design inspired the creation of Jacky the Giraffe.  Jacky stars in an animated cartoon available on DreamMapper or on the YouTube channel  Children can watch Jacky’s animated cartoon, which can help the child get used to therapy.

If your child may be struggling with sleep, click the link below to speak with someone who can answer your questions.


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