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Get Sleep AND Meet Your Deadlines

Posted by Donna Moores on Mar 5, 2019 10:34:00 AM

We live in a dynamic and constantly changing world and it is only natural that we as humans have a substantial amount of tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis. Regardless of whether you are a student in university, a working grownup, or a stay-at-home mother, we all face the risk of missing out on important deadlines if we fail to property organize not only our days but our lives in general.

Of course, deadlines can widely vary in terms of importance and priority, but the fact is that once you have agreed to take on a responsibility, in order to become a successful and reliable individual, it is advisable to complete the task before the deadline. Not to mention that missing out on deadlines can seriously harm your future in a number of cases.

In order to cope with the pressure of deadlines, people often rely on specialized companies to carry out specific tasks in order to minimize the workload of the individual. For instance, professionals such as Handmadewriting and offer expert help related to writing services and can be a true savior when it comes to meeting certain deadlines.

But what else can we do to meet our deadlines without compromising our sleep and health?

sleep_disorders-1The Importance of Sleep

Especially if you have a dynamic lifestyle you can probably relate to the idea of cutting back on a few hours of sleep in order to get more work done. Although this may be acceptable on some occasions, the constant deprivation of sleep can lead to a number of discomforts and health conditions, which in the long-term may prevent you from performing at your top capabilities at work or school.

According to research, there is a strong relationship between stress and sleep, and missing out on deadlines certainly plays a role and increases our stress level. If we feel stressed we may find it difficult to sleep as during this time we may be analyzing and worrying about the situation.

But if we fail to gather the necessary sleeping hours to regenerate our energy, the stress levels are likely to increase further, creating a vicious circle.

Sleep deprivation can also damage your concentration, your ability to communicate well with others, it can limit your performance at work and turn you into an unreliable and full of chaos individual. To eliminate this negative scene, let’s look at a few tricks to getting enough sleep and at the same time meeting our deadlines to avoid stressful situations

Set Realistic Expectations

Whenever we are asked if we can complete a task before a given time frame, most of us are tempted to instinctively respond with a “YES!”. This emotional response can be related back to our self-esteem, ego, and our desire to please others at all costs.

However, jumping into the unknown without carefully planning your next actions may lead to a negative outcome and ruin work relations, your sleep comfort, and raise your stress levels. Before accepting a task or setting an official deadline, try to plan your journey and think about how you will be able to reach the final objective.


Make a List of Priorities

When interviewed, top entrepreneurs and successful people from other fields comment on the necessity of working according to a list of priorities. This is an essential routine that will ultimately help you not only meet deadlines but also get more work done in an equal amount of time. We tend to work smoother when we are following specific instructions.

To increase your ability to meet deadlines, make a list of your tasks and number them from highest priority to lowest. Check your list every day and carefully track how your projects are developing. If necessary and if possible, make rearrangements where you feel uncomfortable with a given deadline.

Avoid Procrastinating

If we take all the hours during the day, in which we think we are in work mod and actually analyze them to see what activities we indulge in, chances are that we may be surprised by our procrastinating abilities. Subconsciously, we may be tempted to avoid completing a difficult or challenging task by being more active on social media during the working hours, focusing on another project that is not a priority, or simply browsing online.

Although this may be soul-soothing at first, the long-term effect is certainly not positive. During the hours that you have set aside for work, try your best to stay focused and complete as much work as possible to prevent taking your work home or falling behind schedule.

Create a Consistent Sleeping Patterninsomnia-sleep-disorders-2

In order to complete our tasks on time, it is essential that we tackle them with full concentration, mindfulness, and energy. It is only possible to accomplish this if we are in the right state of mind and have received the necessary amount of hours to fully function at our top abilities.

As everyone’s sleeping pattern will differ, experiment with your sleeping hours and test how you feel when you make changes. For instance, if your normal sleeping hours are eight, try lowering them to seven or six to see how your mind and body will react.

Once you have established how many hours of sleep your body needs in order to fully recover, organize a regular and consistent sleeping pattern. This way, your body, and minds will develop a habit of successfully regaining energy during these hours and will reward you with the ability to complete all of your tasks without any unnecessary stress.

Make the Most of Regular Naps

Successful people with leading millionaire businesses and other extremely active individuals have on numerous occasions shared the power of taking naps. If your routine does not allow you to take your necessary sleeping hours but instead deprives you of the standard night-time sleep, take advantage of the light part of the day and organize regular naps to quickly restart your mind and body.

You will be surprised at the hidden power that a 10-minute nap can have on your concentration and ability to perform tasks. The beauty of naps is that they can be arranged almost everywhere, regardless of whether you are at the desk in the office, in school, or at home at the computer.

Sleep deprivation may have a serious effect on your ability to perform not only at work but at any other field of life. If organized properly, meeting deadlines can turn into an enjoyable activity that we track. Take the stress out of deadlines by effectively organizing your to-do list and don’t forget about the power of regular sleep.

If regular, quality sleep is something you never can seem to get, call us at Alaska Sleep Clinic and speak to one of our board-certified sleep specialists.  Improve Your Sleep. Improve Your Life.

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