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Sleep Walking

Posted by Jennifer Christensen on Oct 30, 2018 7:30:00 PM


Ever wake up to find half of your closet on the floor? Chances are you or loved one may have done some sleep walking. Often sleepwalkers have no recollection of their midnight stroll but come to the kitchen in the morning to find open drawers, the gas turned on, or windows cracked. 

Sleepwalking occurs more frequently in identical twins and children between the ages of six and twelve but family genes can also predispose one to sleepwalking. If a child starts at an early age, generally it will disappear as they get older but if they start at the age of nine or older, sleepwalking will last into adulthood. 

If your stumble across a sleepwalker its best to try and gently lead them back to bed. It is also essential to make sure they sleep in a safe environment so they don’t hurt themselves or others, making sure doors are locked, the floor is clear of obstructions, and any harmful objects are out of reach. Also be prepared for combative sleepwalker if you try to awaken them. Generally an episode can last anywhere from twenty seconds to twenty minutes. 

Sleepwalking is not a serious disorder but make sure you inform your health care provider if you or your loved one is performing potentially dangerous activities while sleepwalking. 


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