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Sleep... The Key to Beauty

Posted by Mikkie Mills on Mar 5, 2021 3:47:00 AM

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You have heard people say it a thousand times. You have to get your beauty sleep. But is it true that sleep plays any part in beauty? You will probably not believe the answer. 

In fact, sleep is linked to several things that society perceives as beautiful. It helps your skin and your nails. It even helps your hair. Most importantly, sleeping properly helps you be happier, healthier, and more confident, and there is nothing more attractive than that. 

Here are some of the ways that proper sleep can help you be more beautiful.

Sleep and the Brain-Blood Barrier

We are starting to learn more about what scientists call the brain-blood barrier. When you are awake, your brain collects certain toxins. These get cleaned by sleeping. This is why you feel drunk after being awake for too many hours. Your brain needs sleep to literally clean itself. 

What does this mean for your skin? There is a reason that you get dark circles under your eyes if you do not get enough sleep. Your body is working so hard to keep toxins from your brain and organs that it cannot do anything for your body. This is one of the reasons that getting enough sleep is so important.

Sleep and Skin Renewal

On a cellular level, we have known for many years that the majority of skin renewal happens when you are sleeping. Many popular products such as beverly hills md dermal repair complex are based on this knowledge. While you sleep, your cells replicate to form new and healthy skin cells. The more healthy sleep you get, the more of a chance your body has to make these skin cells. 

For skin renewal, it is important to get enough good sleep. As such, the amount of sleep is less important than the quality of sleep. You should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night. However, if you do not sleep well, you may need more. For better sleep, you may consider getting a new mattress. A foam mattress or a high quality mattress. may include your overall quality of sleep. By doing this, you will help assure that your body can renew your skin to the best of its potential. 

Sleep and Your Hair and Nails

Sleep is directly related to the health of your hair and nails. People who do not sleep properly are more likely to have higher levels of cortisol in their brains. Cortisol is directly related to stress levels. However, it is also related to the health of your hair and nails.

Some major studies show that this increase of cortisol shows up in weakened and cracking nails. It is also tied to dried and cracking scalp as well as poor hair conditions. None of this is pleasant. However, the solution is simple in some cases. Get more sleep. You should consider sleep just like you consider your diet, sun exposure, and healthy exercise.

Sleep and Your Personality

The most important part of beauty is personality. The stress caused by lack of sleep can impact multiple areas of your life. Without sleep, you are more likely to have trouble with your job. You are more likely to be irritable with the people that you love. You may also be more prone to certain illnesses since a lack of sleep weakens the immune system.

This can be a vicious cycle for some people. The lack of sleep will create more stress. As a result of the stress, you may lose more sleep. This can lead to a bad downward spiral that you really want to avoid. 

It is not hard to see why it is important to get enough sleep. It will result in a higher level of happiness and confidence, stronger hair and nails, clearer thinking, and a healthier brain. That is definitely enough reason to get those nightly Z's.

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