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Sleeping On the Ground Is Best For Wellness

Posted by Arslan Hassan on Jan 29, 2021 4:36:00 AM

Mom and daughter relaxing for a floor nap.

Have you ever thought why our ancestors never complained about spinal pain? It's not just their diet. They also practice a different lifestyle. Our four fathers always slept on the floor. Sleeping on the bed was never a tradition. That is why our grandparents use to have a perfect body.

Last month, when I started complaining about spinal pain, my partner advised me to sleep on the floor. Our family embraced this change after researching its benefits. The first night was tough, but it got easier with time, and now we are all sleeping well on the floor!

Let me share how sleeping on the ground can make you healthy. Keep reading!

Benefits of Sleeping on the Ground

1.      Alleviates Back Pain

When we sleep on a bed, a soft mattress hugs our bodies. It gives no chance to the spine for self-adjustment. Floor, on the other hand, provides an opportunity for the spine to adjust itself naturally. Besides this, sleeping on the floor lets us get aware of our bodies. We get to know which position is the most comfortable for aching pain.

Furthermore, the neutral position of the spine keeps all muscles in perfect alignment, which has a direct impact on the nervous system. When the nervous system is functioning properly, and so is the spinal structure, we naturally feel better.

However, I recommend that you consult a doctor before bringing a new lifestyle change. For someone with no sleeping habit on the hard floor, sleeping on the ground may result in additional aches and pain. With time, the issue will resolve, and the body will adopt the new change. When sleeping on the floor, you should remember to lie down in a straight position for optimum spinal comfort.


Do not forget to place a supportive pillow under your knees when sleeping on your back. If you are sleeping sideways, place a pillow between the knees. It will help in maintaining a position, and as a result, your back will be more comfortable.

2.      Improves Body Posture

One of the biggest reasons for poor posture is back pain. Since sleeping on the floor relieves back pain, it helps in posture improvement. Besides this, the perfect alignment achieved by sleeping on the ground is ideal for a good posture.

When you sleep on a hard surface, you are most likely to get up on time in the morning. In comparison, a comfy mattress lets you sleep for long hours. There are countless physical benefits of sleeping on the ground. However, a gradual transition is required for achieving the desired outcome.

3.      Helps in Insomnia

Sometimes even a comfy mattress is unable to make us sleep. Changing your style of sleep is a good option to treat insomnia. Try taking some naps on the floor before finally shifting your whole night's sleep on the ground.

Besides stress and health disorders, bad quality of mattress, bed bugs, and unpleasant mattress odor are some other reasons for insomnia. If these reasons are causing trouble in your sleep, try sleeping on a floor.

4.      Helps You Sleep in Hot Climate

In countries where the climate is extremely hot, sleeping on a mattress can be uncomfortable because the heat gets trapped in the mattress resulting in overheating the body. A flat surface is ideal in this scenario. The heat isn't trapped in the floor, and we do not get extremely hot when lying on it. It lets us have a peaceful sleep, and we get up fresh in the morning.

How to Make the Transition?

If you have never tried sleeping on the ground, it can be a challenge. However, with a little arrangement, you can make this change a smooth process. Here is how you can do it:

1.      Prepare Your Mind

You might get more aches than normal in the first few days. It is because your body is not used to sleeping on a hard surface. Do not worry. Give it some time. Let your body adjust itself. Once you get habitual to the new change, you will start feeling better.

2.      Select a Suitable Surface

Sleeping on the floor does not mean you sleep directly on the ground without any bedding at all! You can choose from a variety of materials such as a thinly-padded cotton mattress, a yoga mat, or a tatami, which is a Japanese mat used for sleeping on the ground.

Besides covering the hard surface and providing protection against cold, the mats also add to the décor of the room. Tatami beds are becoming increasingly popular due to the thin padding and various health benefits. Instead of luxurious modern-day beds, health practitioners prescribe sleeping on tatami floors.

Along with choosing your bedding, you must also make sure that the surface you sleep on is clean. Therefore, make sure to clean the floor before you sleep every night. If you have carpeted floors, it's best to get carpet cleaning services to professionally clean your mats before you make the transition from bed to the floor.

3.      Do Not Use a Lot of Pillows

Using multiple pillows to elevate the neck is a wrong decision. This practice will make you wake up with a neck ache. Try to use a single pillow under your neck. Be sure that the pillow is not extremely thick. A slightly padded thin pillow is enough to do the job. You can even put your hands under the neck instead of using a pillow.

4.      Choose the Best Sleeping Position

There is no fixed formula for the right sleeping position. You can either sleep on your back or your sides. Do avoid sleeping on your stomach as it is not recommended by medical experts. Experiment with different positions and observe what works best for you. Give some time and pick the one in which you are comfortable.


If you are selecting the sideway position, make sure that the spine and neck are properly aligned. Similarly, if you are sleeping on your tummy, do not pick an elevated pillow.

Wrapping It Up

In short, sleeping on the ground can bring positive change to our health. From a good posture and spine alignment to peaceful sleep and back pain, sleeping on a hard surface provides multiple benefits.

However, one should gradually adopt this change. Buy a yoga mat or tatami, clean the surface, and experiment with different positions before sleeping on the ground.

There is no harm in adopting this positive change. Have you ever slept on the floor? How was your experience? Let us know!

In order to maximize your sleep, visit your local sleep clinic. If you live in Alaska, click on the link below to connect with a professional sleep specialist or call Alaska Sleep Clinic today @ 907-770-9104

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Author Bio:  Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Carpet cleaners London.

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