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Sleeping with CPAP is Not as Bad as You Think

Posted by Guest Blogger on Jul 19, 2018 10:20:00 AM

Many people fear being able to sleep with a bulky CPAP mask and loud CPAP device, but this fear is unfounded. With the latest CPAP advancements, sleeping is not as bad as you may be imagining.

The newest CPAP technology allows you to:

  • Sleep in any position
  • Read or watch TV while you wear CPAP
  • Adjust comfort with a soft material that shapes to your skin
  • Use a non-intrusive intake pipe
  • Put it on easily with reduced straps
  • Have minimal skin contact (nasal mask)

Also, CPAP motors are designed to be quiet.

Solutions for everyone

I’ve personally heard feedback from users that love the following CPAP options.

wisp_mask1Philips Respironics, Dreamwear Nasal CPAP Mask

While the Phillips Respironics range offers a wide range of masks, my personal favorite is the Dreamwear Nasal design - which is touted as the perfect option for people who suffer from claustrophobia or who are simply hesitant about sleeping with a mask.

The mask comfortably sits under your nose and straps around your head.  The mask is advertised as being so comfortable it is like “wearing nothing at all.”

ResMed, Air20 Full Face Mask

Similar to the Dreamwear, the ResMed CPAP masks have been designed with patient comfort in mind.  The ResMed range is advertised as the mask brand most preferred by patients.  The Air20 is the softest mask on the market, has a low-profile design, and is built with memory foam to contour to your face.

Swift, FX Nasal

The Swift FX is a low profile CPAP mask which is similar in design to the Dreamweaver because it doesn’t have many restrictive straps. However, it still has the hose in the traditional position. If the thought of having a hose doesn’t bother you, this could be an affordable choice.

Philips Amara View

This full face mask is a good option for those who want a solid fit – the Amara definitely won’t move in the night. However, what you gain in reliability you lose in design because this mask is heavily strapped compared to its competitors. It does cover the nose and mouth, so it’s better suited for mouth breathers.

Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Nasal Mask

Fisher and Paykel have made a whopping 20 design improvements on their latest CPAP nasal mask offering. The latest design automatically adjusts to the contours of your face as it aims for a perfect close fit. Allowing users to sleep comfortably in any position, this mask is worth looking at.

DeVillbiss EasyFit Lite Nasal Mask

The DeVillbiss EasyFit comes well sealed, so it’s a great option for those who feel your mask slipping or falling out of position while you sleep. The level of comfort is a result of a testing process which involved 50,000 participants, to find a universally comfortable design. This design comes equipped with a forehead pillow.

What is it like to use a CPAP mask?

I’ve tried and tested a wide range of snoring devices on my blog, SnoringHQ.  I also employ sleep experts to review products and write about sleep.

I have been pleasantly surprised so far by user feedback on the Philips Respironics Dreamwear nasal CPAP mask.  100% of users I’ve spoken with have said they sleep the first night soundly. 

One of the biggest misconceptions with sleep apnea is the fear of being able to sleep with a CPAP device.  I see hundreds of snorers trying to avoid CPAP by purchasing snoring mouthpieces such as the Zyppah.  You can read the Zyppah reviews and comments here to see right away that snoring mouthpieces are not easy to adjust to and fail for a lot of purchasers.  They are also not FDA-Approved for sleep apnea.

If you can find a CPAP device that enables you to sleep the first night soundlessly, a mandibular advancement device may be unnecessary.

If you’re worried about trying CPAP for the first time, don’t be. While the concept may be unfamiliar, it’s something you can get used to quickly, and the benefits are tremendous.

Don’t be put off by the appearance, the hassle it might cause (it doesn’t!), or the price (not bad!).

Many users feel immediate improvements in their health and quality of sleep.  If you need a sleep study or any CPAP equipment and accessories, call Alaska Sleep Clinic now.

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