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Sleeptrackers for Smartphones

Posted by Jennifer Christensen on Sep 30, 2013 10:00:00 AM


Rapidly evolving digital devices and healthy sleeping habits don’t usually go hand in hand. But with todays technology, our smart phones and other gadgets often have the ability to track our sleep habits.

Here are the top sleep tracking gadgets;

FitBit One
This little gadget will not only track your steps during the day but at night, set to sleep mode and it will track your movements over night. The amount of times you get up, move around, and even when you’re awake tossing and turning, are all monitored by by FitBit One.

Jawbone Up
Like the FitBit One, Jawbone also tracks steps and your activity level. But when it comes to sleep, the Up will track how many hours you’ve slept, and pays attention to your activity overnight, including when you are sleeping deeply versus sleeping lightly.

This is another great tool for tracking sleep patterns and measuring how well you sleep over the course of several nights. As it tracks your sleep it also has an auto-record feature so you can hear whether you snore or if you’re having breathing problems overnight.

Do you use any technology to track your sleep? 

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